Saturday, July 18, 2009

SWG Guides - Run Droid Commands from anywhere on ship


It's a bug/lesser known fact that all pilot abilities and droid commands can be used from anywhere on the ship (EXCEPT the pilots chair).

All you need to do is use the slash commands associated with that particular ability or command.
For example:

Iff scramble - /Iff
Shield shunt 3 - /droid droidcommand_weapcaptoshieldthree
Shield shunt 4 - /droid droidcommand_weapcaptoshieldfour
Capacitor Overload 4 - /droid droidcommand_weapcappowerupfour
Capacitor Overload 3 - /droid droidcommand_weapcappowerupthree
Bomber Strike - /bstrike1(/2/3)

This comes in handy on PoBs if you get attacked while outside the pilot chair, or in other scenarios (Such as griefing a group by moving all their stored shield power to the front while being chased by tier 10s )


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