Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SWG Rare loots: Loot table examined


After examining data and general loot behaviors, here's how you can get the rare drops every time:

1. Get a full group. This included droids, etc. and they don't have to all be in combat.

2. Find a spot where you can kill lots of stuff. This has to include the mob that drops the rare loot, but can include other things too.

3. Set up an AFK macro that kills and keeps you in combat with less than a 5 minute pause between kills.

4. Grind for about 4 hours. After that the rare drops start coming, due to the loot table being 'spooled up'.

The way this works is the loot table is based of a random algorithm with modifiers. The amount of time in combat, the size of the group, and the amount of downtime all influence the loot table. Once the server determines that all of these have been met for a period of time, the next level of rarity for loot is locked in (eliminates the useless stuff like the posters). This continues again for 2-3 times depending on the spawn and how many levels they have of rarity of loot. Once you're maxxed, you only have the highest and second highest rarity of loot dropping.

This has been confirmed to work using the spawns on Dathomir to get 4/5 sith waistpack as well as ancient flawless krayt pearls, but please feel free to test it too.


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