Friday, July 10, 2009

swg strategy: be first to terminals in battlefield


You can use this in BattleField or anywhere else.

What you need:
-A vehicle: doesn't matter which one but faster is better

How To:
-When you first enter the BattleField, make sure you are ready to fight, all buffs/pups/foods.... activated.
-Pull out your Vehicle and mount it.
-Go BEHIND the starting bunker (the one where you clone when you die)
-Now here's the trick: Stay BEHIND the bunker, ON your vehicle and press the Num Lock in order to keep your toon moving forward. Now stuck your vehicle on the back wall of the small starting bunker (should be moving from side to side as it is still trying to move forward) and wait for the Start of the Battle.
-Right before you get the "The Battle has started" system message, eveybody's warped to starting spot. Which means you also on your vehicle and your speed is already maxed!!! This mean, you'd be at least 50 to 80 metters away from your groupmates not using this trick, and this right after the battle start.

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