Thursday, August 27, 2009

Quick tip on Credits!


I get asked alot how to make quick money or how to make money in SWG alot? You will get sometimes random answers sometimes all are great ways in making credits though.

Lets start off with you dont have a artisian and your a combat class and you need cash. Vetrans I know this is common sense to you but newer players this will help.

Lets start with going to your server trade forums for starters. mine would be here what your looking for are players looking to buy hide meat or bone! To also find out whats spawning you can go to this will tell you what high spawns of stuff that is dropping on your server.

You will sell the good hide bones or meat for 20-40 CPU. CPU stands for credits per unit. It will add up quickly. If you dont have a buyer as well for this no worries if its good still collect as much as you can. Then go on the trade forums and sell it for what you are wanting for it.

So you et the basic idea here and this is normally one of the best ways to make credits in game with high end resorces that artisians need and want. Once the spawn is gone you still have this high qulity stuff that players are looking for and you can make a good living doing this and not having a artisian yourself. Let me also add milk into this and minerals also work this way.

Thats the basic idea on this hint!


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