Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Get more pet abillities than your supposed to have.


Sorry i know the title is a bit generic. Basically what this will allow you to do is hold on to extra expertise, in case your trying to fit every little expertise point in. Get full pet expertise so you can train your pet with 4 different specials. Train the pet with the 4 specials of your choice. Go respec to what ever you like. You will now have one extra pet ability. If youve got 3 points in the ability boxes in expertise, you can keep your 4 abilities. If youve got 2 points you can have 3 abilities, so on and so forth. Let me know if there are any problems or confusions.

You can train your pet level 1 abilities. And then respec to your new expertise. Then go out and get the level 5s and train it, with out the correct expertise. I just went out and made my lvl 4s into 5s.


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