Saturday, September 5, 2009

Miner glitches and secrets


If you are hanging out in rustus, and your guild war rival appears. (you know he\'ll beat you) take a short cut to get a few hundred meters on him by transporting to your factional base.

This is done by walking up to one of the forward facing walls. Be on the inside of it, and on the side your factional base is on, facing out from the starpoart, imperials are on the left, rebels are on the right. Type /unstick in order to teleport to freedom.

What if he saw you there and followed you, your stuck in your bases right? wrong, hop on a bike, car, mount, or droid while hugging the wall, and float right through it.

Dang it, he saw that one also, he\'s still following you, why not lag him out, hit the macro on your toolbar to use your secret weapon, he\'ll LD while you escape.
The items needed for the macro is just a PSG (personal shield generator) put that in an open spot on your toolbar. Then use this macro.

macro name, lag
/ui action toolbarSlotxx;
/macro lag;

Fill in the xx with the value of the key before it, here\'s a chart.
key, XX =
1 00
2 01
3 02
4 03
And so on, but if you put it on the upper toolbar use this char.
key XX =
1 12
2 13
3 14
4 15
And of course 1 macro might not be enough to do it, if you copy and paste the last line, let\'s say twice, you\'re macro will now read.
/ui action toolbarSlotxx;
/macro lag;
/macro lag;
/macro lag;
Every half second it\'ll tripple in lag. But be careful if u let it go to long, u may lag out all of the planet, or surver. Today on TC I crashed my computer and lagged out most of everyone elses, when I typed the /dump macro wich I\'ll put in a second it said 9997 pause commands.
the dump macro is just simply
macro name, dump
And also make sure you have atleast the dump macro on your toolbar, or else it may lag to much for you to type it, making you crash like me.


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