Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Getting galactic moon coins AFK

first of all: you need to be a smuggler with the ability to call a junk dealer - or have a friend set up his smug and the following macro for you.

you need the following (assuming *you* are the smug and want to do the coins afk):

* place the ability "Off the Books" on the first toolbar slot (the one you fire with "1")
* place the Trick or treat Projector on second toolbar slot (the one you fire with "2")

now make the following macro, name it GMF-Coins

/ui action toolbarSlot00;
/pause 5;
/tar Junk;
/pause 0.5;
/say Trick or treat!;
/pause 0.5;
/ui action toolbarSlot01;
/pause 2;
/ui action defaultButton;
/pause 5;
/conv Junk;
/pause 3;
/ui action conversationResponse2;
/pause 45;
/m GMF-Coins;

what does the macro do? an explanation line by line:

- fire 1st special (= Call the Junk Dealer)
- wait for Junk dealer to spawn
- target the junk dealer
- wait for intended target to be set
- say the "Trick or threat" phrase
- wait
- try to fire the projector (in case the NPC is not scared and did not pay coins)
- wait for projector window to appear
- fire default button on projector window (fires the first scare special)
- wait
- start conversation with junk dealer
- wait for conversation menu to open
- select the 3rd conversation option in conversation menu (send the dealer home)
- wait for junk dealer special cooldown (60 seconds total)
- repeat the macro

The timings on the macro may need a bit of tweaking - depends on lag of your server

This info is in multiple locations just like this one as well.

Pick a person doing Galactic Moon Coins, /follow him,
edit the macro trick, enter assist players name,
in the toolbarSlot01 put trick or treat ptojector terminal.
run the macco.

/assist playersname;
/say trick or treat;
/pause 1;
/ui action toolbarSlot01;
/pause 1;
/ui action defaultButton;
/m trick;

If you can create a few more macro's ill be more then willing to acept this one. What im looking for here is AFK macro's for 2 accounts 1 being a medic healing a BH or commando and locations for high level spawns. If you can put something like that together I will be more then willing to accept it here!
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Monday, October 19, 2009

Easy SWG Credits

1.First you must head to the planet of LOC and go to the pirate nyms palace… there you will have the option to do some quests for him. Complete the first 2 quests before even thinking of using this exploit.

2.Once you have completed the first 2 of the 3 total quests, talk to the pirate nym. He will tell you that he wants you to go and retrieve 2 items from an old imperial base. The items are an Imperial Grenade Casing, and a Data Disk

3.Proceed to the Imperial base using the waypoint that nym put in your datapad.

4.When you get to the base, don’t worry about the enemies, because they wont attack you. Now its time for you to do the actual exploit, if you can call it that J

5.You will need your inventory completely full, and an empty backback equipped. First, find the room that has the lootable computer in it. (its inside the left door of the main room with all the scientists) once you have found the computer open up your inventory, and your backpack at the same time. Now your ready to do the exploit…

6.Delete 1 item from your inventory so that you have 1 empty slot… now double click on the computer… it will open up and say that you have no room in your inventory for the data disk… but it will still put one in your inventory. Now, move that one into your open back pack… rinse and repeat until you have 25 of the data disks in your back pack.

7.Now head back up top and go in the opposite side door to find the grenade casing container… Repeat the same steps as you did for the data disk. Open inventory and backpack… make sure inventory only has one empty slot, and double click on the container to get 1 put in your inventory… repeat until you have 25 grenade casings.

8.Now head back to nyms castle… and give him in order 1 data disk, and 1 grenade casing… he will congratulate you on a job well done and give you a badge, he will also give you a Nym slug thrower carbine with 103-217 acid dmg, and 4 speed which can be used by anyone in the game.

9.Empty your inventory so you have 4-5 empty slots then give him another data disk and grenade casing, he will give you another slug thrower even though the mission has been completed. Repeat until your inventory is full, then transfer them to your fast emptying back pack/

10.You can repeat this procedure over and over, each time getting 25 or more slug throwers, you just need to keep the waypoint of the research facility so you can go back and get more ingredients.

11.Lastly, you can eather slice the guns to get the perfect one for you, or you can sell them like me for 100k each on the streets of coronet and theed. I have made about 20 million doing this.


As a note I'm not 100% sure it's not patched.
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Star Wars Galaxies Nebulon Holo Exploit

The Loyalty reward Nebulon Holo was acting a bit buggy last week.

Some people could claim it, some could not.

As of 12.2 you can now claim it again on toons that had previously claimed it.

This is great because they are no trade so now you have a second one to decorate with!
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Monday, October 5, 2009

Droid command trick

You can use the pilot and droid commands from anywhere in a ship but the pilot chair. Just use the command for the ability.

/droid - send your droid a specific command (example: /droid droidcommand_shieldadjustrearfour)
/droid droidcommand_mutedroid (Mute Droid/Flight-Computer - common to all three factions)
Rebel Routines:
/droid droidcommand_shieldadjustfrontfour (Shield Front Adjust - Extreme)
/droid droidcommand_shieldadjustfrontthree (Shield Front Adjust - Heavy)
/droid droidcommand_shieldadjustfronttwo (Shield Front Adjust - Moderate)
/droid droidcommand_shieldadjustfrontone (Shield Front Adjust - Light)
/droid droidcommand_shieldadjustrearfour (Shield Rear Adjust - Extreme)
/droid droidcommand_shieldadjustrearthree (Shield Rear Adjust - Heavy)
/droid droidcommand_shieldadjustreartwo (Shield Rear Adjust - Moderate)
/droid droidcommand_shieldadjustrearone (Shield Rear Adjust - Light)
/droid droidcommand_shieldbacktofronthundred (Shield Front Reinforcement - Extreme)
/droid droidcommand_shieldbacktofronteighty (Shield Front Reinforcement - Heavy)
/droid droidcommand_shieldbacktofrontfifty (Shield Front Reinforcement - Moderate)
/droid droidcommand_shieldbacktofronttwenty (Shield Front Reinforcement - Light)
/droid droidcommand_shieldfronttobackhundred (Shield Rear Reinforcement - Extreme)
/droid droidcommand_shieldfronttobackeighty (Shield Rear Reinforcement - Heavy)
/droid droidcommand_shieldfronttobackfifty (Shield Rear Reinforcement - Moderate)
/droid droidcommand_shieldfronttobacktwenty (Shield Rear Reinforcement - Light)
/droid droidcommand_shieldemergencyfront (Shield Emergency Front)
/droid droidcommand_shieldemergencyrear (Shield Emergency Rear)
/droid droidcommand_shieldnormalize (Shields Normalization)
Imperial Routines:
/droid droidcommand_engineefficiencyfour (Engine Tuning - Four)
/droid droidcommand_engineefficiencythree (Engine Tuning - Three)
/droid droidcommand_engineefficiencytwo (Engine Tuning - Two)
/droid droidcommand_engineefficiencyone (Engine Tuning - One)
/droid droidcommand_engineoverloadfour (Engine Overload - Four)
/droid droidcommand_engineoverloadthree (Engine Overload - Three)
/droid droidcommand_engineoverloadtwo (Engine Overload - Two)
/droid droidcommand_engineoverloadone (Engine Overload - One)
/droid droidcommand_enginenormalize (Engine Equalization)
/droid droidcommand_weaponeffeciencyfour (Weapon Tuning - Four)
/droid droidcommand_weaponeffeciencythree (Weapon Tuning - Three)
/droid droidcommand_weaponeffeciencytwo (Weapon Tuning - Two)
/droid droidcommand_weaponeffeciencyone (Weapon Tuning - One)
/droid droidcommand_weaponoverloadfour (Weapon Overload - Four)
/droid droidcommand_weaponoverloadthree (Weapon Overload - Three)
/droid droidcommand_weaponoverloadtwo (Weapon Overload - Two)
/droid droidcommand_weaponoverloadone (Weapon Overload - One)
/droid droidcommand_weaponnormalize (Weapon Normalization)
Freelance Routines:
/droid droidcommand_reactoroverloadfour (Reactor Overload - Four)
/droid droidcommand_reactoroverloadthree (Reactor Overload - Three)
/droid droidcommand_reactoroverloadtwo (Reactor Overload - Two)
/droid droidcommand_reactoroverloadone (Reactor Overload - One)
/droid droidcommand_reactornormalize (Reactor Stabilization)
/droid droidcommand_weapcappowerupfour (Weapon Capacitor Overcharge - Four)
/droid droidcommand_weapcappowerupthree (Weapon Capacitor Overcharge - Three)
/droid droidcommand_weapcappoweruptwo (Weapon Capacitor Overcharge - Two)
/droid droidcommand_weapcappowerupone (Weapon Capacitor Overcharge - One)
/droid droidcommand_weapcaptoshieldfour (Capacitor to Shield Shunt - Four)
/droid droidcommand_weapcaptoshieldthree (Capacitor to Shield Shunt - Three)
/droid droidcommand_weapcaptoshieldtwo (Capacitor to Shield Shunt - Two)
/droid droidcommand_weapcaptoshieldone (Capacitor to Shield Shunt - One)
/droid droidcommand_weapcapequalize (Weapon Capacitor Reset)
Iff scramble - /Iff
Shield shunt 3 - /droid droidcommand_weapcaptoshieldthree
Shield shunt 4 - /droid droidcommand_weapcaptoshieldfour
Capacitor Overload 4 - /droid droidcommand_weapcappowerupfour
Capacitor Overload 3 - /droid droidcommand_weapcappowerupthree
Bomber Strike - /bstrike1(/2/3)
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