Monday, October 5, 2009

Droid command trick


You can use the pilot and droid commands from anywhere in a ship but the pilot chair. Just use the command for the ability.

/droid - send your droid a specific command (example: /droid droidcommand_shieldadjustrearfour)
/droid droidcommand_mutedroid (Mute Droid/Flight-Computer - common to all three factions)
Rebel Routines:
/droid droidcommand_shieldadjustfrontfour (Shield Front Adjust - Extreme)
/droid droidcommand_shieldadjustfrontthree (Shield Front Adjust - Heavy)
/droid droidcommand_shieldadjustfronttwo (Shield Front Adjust - Moderate)
/droid droidcommand_shieldadjustfrontone (Shield Front Adjust - Light)
/droid droidcommand_shieldadjustrearfour (Shield Rear Adjust - Extreme)
/droid droidcommand_shieldadjustrearthree (Shield Rear Adjust - Heavy)
/droid droidcommand_shieldadjustreartwo (Shield Rear Adjust - Moderate)
/droid droidcommand_shieldadjustrearone (Shield Rear Adjust - Light)
/droid droidcommand_shieldbacktofronthundred (Shield Front Reinforcement - Extreme)
/droid droidcommand_shieldbacktofronteighty (Shield Front Reinforcement - Heavy)
/droid droidcommand_shieldbacktofrontfifty (Shield Front Reinforcement - Moderate)
/droid droidcommand_shieldbacktofronttwenty (Shield Front Reinforcement - Light)
/droid droidcommand_shieldfronttobackhundred (Shield Rear Reinforcement - Extreme)
/droid droidcommand_shieldfronttobackeighty (Shield Rear Reinforcement - Heavy)
/droid droidcommand_shieldfronttobackfifty (Shield Rear Reinforcement - Moderate)
/droid droidcommand_shieldfronttobacktwenty (Shield Rear Reinforcement - Light)
/droid droidcommand_shieldemergencyfront (Shield Emergency Front)
/droid droidcommand_shieldemergencyrear (Shield Emergency Rear)
/droid droidcommand_shieldnormalize (Shields Normalization)
Imperial Routines:
/droid droidcommand_engineefficiencyfour (Engine Tuning - Four)
/droid droidcommand_engineefficiencythree (Engine Tuning - Three)
/droid droidcommand_engineefficiencytwo (Engine Tuning - Two)
/droid droidcommand_engineefficiencyone (Engine Tuning - One)
/droid droidcommand_engineoverloadfour (Engine Overload - Four)
/droid droidcommand_engineoverloadthree (Engine Overload - Three)
/droid droidcommand_engineoverloadtwo (Engine Overload - Two)
/droid droidcommand_engineoverloadone (Engine Overload - One)
/droid droidcommand_enginenormalize (Engine Equalization)
/droid droidcommand_weaponeffeciencyfour (Weapon Tuning - Four)
/droid droidcommand_weaponeffeciencythree (Weapon Tuning - Three)
/droid droidcommand_weaponeffeciencytwo (Weapon Tuning - Two)
/droid droidcommand_weaponeffeciencyone (Weapon Tuning - One)
/droid droidcommand_weaponoverloadfour (Weapon Overload - Four)
/droid droidcommand_weaponoverloadthree (Weapon Overload - Three)
/droid droidcommand_weaponoverloadtwo (Weapon Overload - Two)
/droid droidcommand_weaponoverloadone (Weapon Overload - One)
/droid droidcommand_weaponnormalize (Weapon Normalization)
Freelance Routines:
/droid droidcommand_reactoroverloadfour (Reactor Overload - Four)
/droid droidcommand_reactoroverloadthree (Reactor Overload - Three)
/droid droidcommand_reactoroverloadtwo (Reactor Overload - Two)
/droid droidcommand_reactoroverloadone (Reactor Overload - One)
/droid droidcommand_reactornormalize (Reactor Stabilization)
/droid droidcommand_weapcappowerupfour (Weapon Capacitor Overcharge - Four)
/droid droidcommand_weapcappowerupthree (Weapon Capacitor Overcharge - Three)
/droid droidcommand_weapcappoweruptwo (Weapon Capacitor Overcharge - Two)
/droid droidcommand_weapcappowerupone (Weapon Capacitor Overcharge - One)
/droid droidcommand_weapcaptoshieldfour (Capacitor to Shield Shunt - Four)
/droid droidcommand_weapcaptoshieldthree (Capacitor to Shield Shunt - Three)
/droid droidcommand_weapcaptoshieldtwo (Capacitor to Shield Shunt - Two)
/droid droidcommand_weapcaptoshieldone (Capacitor to Shield Shunt - One)
/droid droidcommand_weapcapequalize (Weapon Capacitor Reset)
Iff scramble - /Iff
Shield shunt 3 - /droid droidcommand_weapcaptoshieldthree
Shield shunt 4 - /droid droidcommand_weapcaptoshieldfour
Capacitor Overload 4 - /droid droidcommand_weapcappowerupfour
Capacitor Overload 3 - /droid droidcommand_weapcappowerupthree
Bomber Strike - /bstrike1(/2/3)


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