Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Getting galactic moon coins AFK

first of all: you need to be a smuggler with the ability to call a junk dealer - or have a friend set up his smug and the following macro for you.

you need the following (assuming *you* are the smug and want to do the coins afk):

* place the ability "Off the Books" on the first toolbar slot (the one you fire with "1")
* place the Trick or treat Projector on second toolbar slot (the one you fire with "2")

now make the following macro, name it GMF-Coins

/ui action toolbarSlot00;
/pause 5;
/tar Junk;
/pause 0.5;
/say Trick or treat!;
/pause 0.5;
/ui action toolbarSlot01;
/pause 2;
/ui action defaultButton;
/pause 5;
/conv Junk;
/pause 3;
/ui action conversationResponse2;
/pause 45;
/m GMF-Coins;

what does the macro do? an explanation line by line:

- fire 1st special (= Call the Junk Dealer)
- wait for Junk dealer to spawn
- target the junk dealer
- wait for intended target to be set
- say the "Trick or threat" phrase
- wait
- try to fire the projector (in case the NPC is not scared and did not pay coins)
- wait for projector window to appear
- fire default button on projector window (fires the first scare special)
- wait
- start conversation with junk dealer
- wait for conversation menu to open
- select the 3rd conversation option in conversation menu (send the dealer home)
- wait for junk dealer special cooldown (60 seconds total)
- repeat the macro

The timings on the macro may need a bit of tweaking - depends on lag of your server

This info is in multiple locations just like this one as well.

Pick a person doing Galactic Moon Coins, /follow him,
edit the macro trick, enter assist players name,
in the toolbarSlot01 put trick or treat ptojector terminal.
run the macco.

/assist playersname;
/say trick or treat;
/pause 1;
/ui action toolbarSlot01;
/pause 1;
/ui action defaultButton;
/m trick;

If you can create a few more macro's ill be more then willing to acept this one. What im looking for here is AFK macro's for 2 accounts 1 being a medic healing a BH or commando and locations for high level spawns. If you can put something like that together I will be more then willing to accept it here!


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