Monday, November 16, 2009

AFK the Tenebous Edge in Minutes


I got 7 of the spy weapon in one instance doing this, so it works great.

Make sure to have a fully charged droid and camo stacked pretty high. I used PuPs, but they were crap ones and not capped. Enter Axkva Min and pull out your droid. Ranged droids are best. Now, have one auto looping macro which targets the lady on the left. I forgot her name, but it is the 1st boss with the pet rancor.

Stand on her toes and run this macro. If timing is off make just adjust the pauses.

/tellpet attack
/pause .3
/ui action toolbarSlot00 (whatever you have set for steal)
/pause 2
/macro steal

The droid cannot maintain aggro, so you steal while she is red and she then automatically despawns. The 2 second pause allows your droid to gain his health back if any was lost. Then, rinse and repeat. That is a steal every 2.3 seconds.

The best part is she only drops credits and no loot. So, the only loot you get will be TE collection pieces and credits. No inventory cleaning. The money is actually pretty nice as it gets into the millions rather quick.


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