Monday, December 28, 2009

Double sockets guide!

This is intended as a guide and an explanation of an exploit; where such goes, I am not sure. I will be showing how to replicate the steps in this exploit, and later explaining why this process works.

How to craft arms with 2 sockets:

To start with, make sure you are a Droid Engineer. Being level 90 is a plus, although a lower level DE should be able to acheive similar results at the cost of more material.

Firstly, it should be noted what is needed for each arm. At it's simplest, you will need copper, steel, inert gas, polymer, lubricating oil, and steel, in the form of Control Units, Micro Sensor Suites, and Electronic GP Modules. Note that the quality of these materials are of no importance, as I'll discuss later- indeed, I used smelted steel, copper, etc. whenever possible, and had no issues getting sockets on my cybernetic arms. The process of making an arm can be made time efficient by utilizing equipment factories; note that utilizing a factory is not neccesary, and every cybernetic arm must be crafted by hand anyhow.

Okay, so to make an arm, you need 6 Electronic GP modules and 2 Micro Sensor Suites; to make the Micro Sensor Suites, you need 1 Control Unit and 1 Electronics GP module per sensor suite (this is why I recommend to make factory runs; large runs will save huge amounts of time). Once you have all the electronic components for the arm, go ahead and make a test one- this is to see if you *can* craft one with 2 sockets. A single PUP and a knife with assembly attached are all I have- just like crafting armor, shoot for 160 assembly, and you'll get a socket 99.99% of the time.

The RE Process (and where you probably went first)

Okay, so you've made a cybernetic arm, and it has two sockets. What now? Now it's time for an armorsmith to make two attachments for that arm. Make sure that the attachments equal a power of 35 or greater, and are of the same attribute; i.e., 25 constitution and 17 constitution = 42 constitution. Attach them to the arm, RE the arm, and viola- +35 bit! Adding a 3-4 stat loot when RE'ing makes a +35 3rd order bit in one step as well.

Why does this work? Quite simply, when you have 17 Constitution in one socket, and 25 Constitution in another on the same piece, it gets "merged" into a single stat- so we see two single separate stats instead of one- in this case, 42 Constitution. We've seen before that certain items over 35 on a stat get RE'd to a +35 bit, and the same is happening here.

Good luck folks, and get to RE'ing before this (likely) gets nerfed!
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Saturday, December 26, 2009

SWG guides Auto it to farm junk loot

Start by going to , download and install autoit 3

Start up the SWG launchpad, log in, and click game options

Hit the graphics tab and check windowed mode and borderless window

Click ok and start up SWG

Find a good spot that spawns 3+ NPCS under level 30 that instantly respawn

Hit O -> controls -> then check Actions can be fired from toolbar

Make an in game macro to fire an area special and loot.
(because I am medic, im using poison could for my area, which i put in toolbar slot 3 (/ui action toolbarSlot02) and a dot heal in slot 0 (/ui action toolbarSlot09), you can put these in whatever slot you want... and make sure you use /loot corpse, it loots every corpse in the area)

Ignore the picture below, make 3 macros, one that is your special, pause 1, then the loop, another macro that is loot corpse, pause .1, then loop, then a 3rd macro that is just /macro (name of macro one); /macro (name of macro 2); so you can launch them off at the same time.

Run your in game macro untill you get close to a full inv of loot, and feel that you have gotten ever type of junk loot that spawn drops. Every spawn drops different types of loot(I have had trouble with loot corpse before, sometimes if you talk in spatial it doesn't want to work, just do a soft log) ALSO! make sure you don't have a ranged weapon equipped

Sort all your junk loot so it is all in the top of your inv, and drag your inv window to the upper left side of your screen as the picture below shows.

Click any piece of loot and drag the examine window to the upper right of the screen, so the same with anything that stacks, except click split instead of examine.

Keep either the examine or split window on the screen

Move an item that can stack next to the last piece of junk loot in your inv

right click the center of the icon and take a screenshot (Use alt+prtscn button), it should look similar to the one below

You will be able to get all the information you need for auto it from this picture

Open paint and push ctrl + v to paste

Open notepad
type the following in notepad

The sleep will give you enough time to click swg before the scripts starts running

Look at your screenshot from paint and you will need to get some numbers,

Put your mouse in the center of the item your right clicked on (i put a red dot there to show where i am talking about) and it will give you an x and y cord (in the red box on the pic)

You should be able to figure out how to get cords from there, so i wont go any deeper into that

now it is time to edit your notepad file (the text behind the //'s are comments, do not include them in your script)
Click the picture to enlarge

Now copy and paste from the last mouse click, to the send and paste it 2 times. Put a Sleep(500) between each paste.
Add a Sleep(6000) and WEnd at the end of the program
it should look like the following:

(Click to enlarge)

click file -> save as, and give it a name, ending with .au3


Go back in game and start the in game macro you made earlier

Open your inv

alt tab , hit start, programs, look for auto it, hit run script.

Find where you saved your script and run it

You will have one second to open your swg window (not that hard)

your mouse will start clicking, leave it alone its doing its job

Omgz you haxxor

This is the best way i know to exit it when you are done

right after the program does its 3rd run of clicking and starts its long pause, quickly alt tab, and mouse over to the toolbar thing
Right click the auto it icon and hit exit

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Friday, December 25, 2009


Troops is a mockumentary film by Kevin Rubio, which made its debut on the Internet in 1997. The film is a parody of COPS, set in the Star Wars universe. In the film, Imperial stormtroopers from the infamous Black Sheep Squadron patrolling the Dune Sea on the planet Tatooine run into some very familiar characters while being filmed for the hit Imperial TV show Troops.

The film jump-started the modern fan film movement, as it was one of the first short films to bring fan films into the digital age, taking advantage of internet distribution and affordable production and special effects equipment, as well as fans with movie-quality costumes.

Rubio finished the film while working at the Fox Kids Network, and was able to use well-known voice talent in his cast, including Jess Harnell, Cam Clarke, and announcer Bill Farmer.

The film has proven incredibly popular with Star Wars fans, and was awarded the inaugural Pioneer Award in the Lucasfilm-sponsored 2002 Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards.

Fan Films Quarterly listed Troops as one of the 10 most pivotal moments in fan film history in its Summer 2006 issue

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

SWG G9 exploit

Have a G9 and wish you could bring your group with you to one of your 3 saved warp points in the galaxy? You can.

First, call your G9 ITV. Click it to bring up your travel screen, now, before you click where you want to go, call your multiple passenger vehicle, get in the vehicle and have all in your group jump into your vehicle too (must be grouped and able to board your vehicle,/same factional status). Once everyone is in, click your destination on your travel screen which should still be up, now you and all of your group in your vehicle will be ported to your destination.

This also works with the Solar Sail ITV which takes you home.

Does not work with a regular ITV as they do not allow travel while you have a droid or vehicle out. The G9 and Solar Sail do not share this restriction.

This can be very handy to get your entire group to a load point of your choosing all at once.
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Monday, December 7, 2009

Combat leveling!

I get questions on leveling all the time all are wellcome but I want to open a post here explaining to everyone the knolege I normally share about this.

Leveling up strickly by ingame mecanics.

So lets say its your first time ever playing SWG. You will want to start off leveling up through legacy but let me warn you this is not for everyone even new players. The system that is in place is go here kill/talk to this guy and return over and over again. Legacy normally takes a player up to around level 47 and still leaves a big blank on were to go after that.

All players need to know that mission terminals will gain you one level a day as well! levels 20 and bellow need to take missions from mission terminals on Tatooine. 21 through 35 should take missions from Naboo or Rori. Anything higher then 35 can take missions from almost any planet I prefer Correlia or Talus myself for 1 level daily. Reset timers on mission terminals are 3PM PST.

If you are new im going to have to suggest legacy combined with mission terminals daily after legacy I would suggest Kashyakk to mess around a little bit there and then maybe the ryatt trail. Ill get more into the ryatt trail later on in the exploit section though.

I need to also add that a few month's ago they did have a get a friend into swg and that friend would get a automatic level 50 for starters. If that is going on then that is also another idea.

It is also a must with all systems im talking about that you get a enertainer experince buff to make things go along alot quicker.

Exploiting and leveling!

From time to time there are some exploits that can be used to help leveling go by. Off the top of my head I can think of one of the watto quests in legacy that you can repeat and the other would be a quest with the meatlumps please check out the exploit section for these quests here at strategy Freaks.

Most of the exploiting with leveling gets nerfed rather quickly so this one is sometimes harder to do then what it was in the past.

One of the other exploits is the enertainer one. Using one of the macro's I posted here at Strategy Freaks on leveling your enertainer in a hour and half you grind out legacy but never accept the mission when completed then you respect to a combat character and accept each mission that you completed from start to finish.

Leveling up with macro's/AFK

Just like the title sounds sounds like the best way to level up. The only issue is with this is were how and what prof! Off the bat I would suggest the Ryatt Trail glitch. There is a spot by the ferral wookies on the Ryatt Trail that they dont do any damage to you. So being a Commando with a droid normally at level 55 or higher you can AFK and level up there.

The other AFK spot that I do know of is on Dantooine. What you do here is get in a group with players who are grinding there pets up were you get atleast 1 shot on there kills to gain experince for yourself. Both work preety well and are the two I know of off the top of my head. Please check out for more detaled info on the exploits macro's etc in the strategy freaks sections. Or send me a pm im allways willing to try to work out solutions for members here!
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