Monday, February 28, 2011

SWG Tricks - Junk Trick

Firstly junk collection is a pain at best you need 2 stacks of 2 different junk 2 make 10 mod bits wrong lol you can do it with same junk.

so you have a pile of 10 i.d chips or whatever take 1 from the pile and put 9 in the r/e tool. This leaves you with 1 id chip in inv, now this is where you have to be fast pick up the junk item and get ready to radial r/e tool as you drop it into tool you will notice that for a few seconds it says 2 items in r/e tool, radial and press 5 fast and hey presto a mod bit most come out as base mods i.e constitution etc just a little helper for 35 makers out there. Remember to do it fast may take you a few tries but you will get it. I dont think this has been posted before and i did not get it off any other site all my own find thanks
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SWG Tricks - Using G9 To Take Group To Warp Points

Have a G9 and wish you could bring your group with you to one of your 3 saved warp points in the galaxy? You can.

First, call your G9 ITV. Click it to bring up your travel screen, now, before you click where you want to go, call your multiple passenger vehicle, get in the vehicle and have all in your group jump into your vehicle too (must be grouped and able to board your vehicle,/same factional status). Once everyone is in, click your destination on your travel screen which should still be up, now you and all of your group in your vehicle will be ported to your destination.
This also works with the Solar Sail ITV which takes you home.

Does not work with a regular ITV as they do not allow travel while you have a droid or vehicle out. The G9 and Solar Sail do not share this restriction.

This can be very handy to get your entire group to a load point of your choosing all at once.

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SWG Vendor Trick

Not sure this well know, something ran into the other day when I log back in the game and was cleaning up the houses.

  1. Create new vendor or pre-extisting vendor
  2. Open up the vendor screen, were you can sell, buy ect ...leave this open.
  3. Pack up the vendor, so the vendor in your datapad
  4. I was able to continue to sell items to vendor/ buy or retrive items

This allowed me to run around my houses packing items on the vendor. And allowed me to use the vendor as a storage device when crafting or doing RE stuff.

Nothing fancy, just had to share
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

SWG Tricks - Nym Starmap: instantly jump to phase II

Since phase I gives the useless armor, it's a good practice to jump to phase II instantly. This are the answers (in order) you need to give to nym to do so:

  • I believe you'll be interested in what I have though 
  • Take a look at this 
  • That's not important. Money on the other hand is 
  • Calm down 
  • I don't think so. I would like a reward... 
  • No thank you. Now about the money... 

In this way you'll avoid the trip to fort tusken, with a good amount of time saved.
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SWG Tricks - Return to Tansari Point Station...

Sooo... let's say you "forgot" to do the Tansari Station badge on your toon - how about returning to the station and do it?

here are the steps how to do it:

you need 3 toons for it:

- Toon A who is able to fly a POB (tried it with the Yacht)
- Toons B and C who fly with A in the POB. One of them (either B or C) needs to have the Hoth Snowspeeder ITV ability (or something similar - will explain later, why)

Now toon A hyperjumps to the Ord Mantell system. Then B and C do a logout to the caracter select screen. When they are logged out, A lands at Nova Orion Station. After he landed, B and C log in again.

B and C will be standing in the middle of nowhere and will not be able to move (but be able to drive around on their vehicles)

now B and C initiate a duel (both type /duel - since the radial menu won't give you the duel command), and one of both get's killed in that duel. Now the cloning window will appear. You will see a lot of "Tansari Station" cloner locations.

Clone there - et voila - you are on the starter station and may do whatever you want to do...

The other character may now call his snowspeeder ITV and travel out of the nowhere

(Attention: Group Pickup Points do not work - so if you go there without the special ITV ability, you are stuck and will need a GM to help you!!!)

If you want to leave the Station again, talk to Han Solo. I was lucky and got the dialogue to leave - a friend was not and needed a GMs assistance to leave.

Attention: You may loose quest progress on unfinished quests (at least my quest journal was empty after that trip ) - only already finished quests stayed in my questlog.

Not sure if it is already here or common knowledge... Just stumbled across that glitch and thought I'd share it...
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SWG Guides - Unlimited Exceptional Eggs

Tansanari Station or w/e, u know what i mean,

When you first create a toon, you are instructed to talk to the droid and get gun from cabnet,

B4 u do anything the 3 crates next to each other,
Make a macro targeting the 1 of the crates


Works great if you can multilog, leave the toon up doing it for a coupple hr's or a few day's, ive been doing it for a few days now and have 6k Exceptional Eggs,

Im sure these can make a good sell price, selling them 30 stacks

have fun enjoy

Prem, would be nice if possable xP

have fun with it enjoy the $$$$$
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Make money fast on new server trick

I decided to roll to another server, knowing it would be tough on a new server with no money.

Now obviously this will only work for those entitles to the listed rewards below.

When i created my new char i was able to receive the mail rewards:

  • Stuffed AT-AT Toy 350k 
  • Bobble Head- Death Trooper 350k 
  • Jedi Library mini shelf 500k 
  • Blue Print for an IG-100 Droid 500k 
  • Bobble head -TK555 350k 
  • Battlefield Diorama 500k 
  • An Architects Rendition of a House 500k 
  • A Ewok love day heart. 500k 

Obviously these rewards sell for quite a bit. Make sure you have a 2nd account or access to a spot you can drop off the rewards. Drop them off or transfer then delete the char. 15mins later make a new can get the rewards again and again and again and so on.......

I have been doing this for the last couple of hours and already have 8 of each item and still going.

Hope others can get this to work too
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Star Wars Galaxies - Beginners guide to SWGEmu

Welcome to the beginners guide to SWGEmu, if you already know the basics of SWGEmu you should watch another video insted.

  1. You need to get Star Wars Galaxies, you can get it from ebay or your local gamestore (or wherever you uselly get your games)
  2. Down Load  the SWGEmu launchpad from this site:
  3. Install SWG and the launchpad
  4. Make a acc on the official SWGEmu site:

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Star Wars Galaxies: Best MMORPG Ever?

A long time ago in a Galaxy far far away I got my first taste of what it was to play an MMORPG. I may be somewhat biased since this was my first real MMORPG that I really got into but considering I haven't been able to find a game I enjoy as much as I did SWG I think my opinions hold true. Keep in mind everything I have to say about how great this game was is all from the pre-cu era of SWG.

So what made Star Wars Galaxies such a great game? Simply put, the game had everything. Fully fleshed out features that even today's games still don't include, or if they do it's an extremely watered down version. Here is a quick list of the best aspects of the game.

.Player housing: No instanced neighborhood stuff here. Fully implemented drop your house wherever you want deal. Every item SWG had a 3D model, this made it so that anything you looted, crafted or bought could be placed inside your house for decoration. And there were no "hooks" or limits on where you could place things, move around wherever you want. How many times in other games have I looked at an old weapon or set of armor that my character had outgrown and lamented the fact that I should just delete them, it was either that have them keep taking up vital inventory space. I would much prefer to be able to place them in my house as a memory of the times I had using them.

.Crafting: Crafting in 99% of other MMOs is tacked on as an after thought and in most cases not of any real use. SWG crafting system was so in depth that your entire profession and game play could revolve around crafting alone. My main character on Chilastra was a Weaponsmith/Chef who never once killed anything in the game and yet occupied almost all of my time playing.
.Open worlds: I say worlds because instead of zones you had different planets to go to. There were no invisible walls or terrain you could not traverse, you could just pick a direction and go, exploring to you hearts content.

No Direction: When I made my first character and loaded into Mos Eisley, that was it. There was no tutorial or hand holding telling me exactly where to go and what to do. It was just you, standing in this brand new world and left on your own to make your way in it. It really made you feel like you were part of that world. I remember standing there, seeing all the different players walking around doing various tasks, I really felt like a stranger lost in a foreign city.

.Space: In addition to a fully formed ground game there was a fully functional space game as well. Get in your star ship and go explore, look for a fight or even spend time mining for crafting resources. You may be a non-combat crafter on the ground but in space you can be an ace pilot and enjoy all the combat you want.

.Player Cities: This was an awesome part of the game. Players could come together and place a city hall and start their own city. Maybe it's just for your guild or maybe it's for several guilds together. Either way it was great to have a place to call home, for guild members to come together and craft, socialize or defend their city from the enemy faction. I think this is something that has been really missed in all other games, it does a lot more to bring a guild together when it has a physical representation in the game world where players can come together rather than the main interaction being through a chat box.

.Skill System: This was more important than anything. No levels of any kind, you had 250 skill points and the same access to every skill in the game as everyone else. You were free to mix and match however you wanted. Want to be a Rifleman by day and a Chef by night? No problem.

.One character per server: I know a lot of people don't agree with me on this one but it really is better for a game like this. SWG was a 100% player driven economy, this leads to very tight knit communities and lots of player interaction. Crafting also utilized a lot of interdependency, you needed to seek out other crafters to supply you with items you couldn't make yourself. Your reputation meant something in the community. Having only One character slot per server made all this possible. Your character was who you were, you weren't just some random player anymore. What happens in today's games is people make a bunch of alts, you never know who anyone really is and when it comes to crafting you just log onto your alts to make the things you can't do on your main.

That's just a quick list off the top of my head. There were many other things that made this the perfect MMO. Yes the game also had it's share of things that were not perfect. There were always balance issues from defense stackers to having an alpha class unlockable (Jedi). Unfortunately rather than deal with balance and any other fixes SOE scrapped the whole thing and went chasing the WoW crowd.

The game was one of a kind and I fear we may never see another like it in the near future. If you think I'm wrong about how great it was ask yourself why it is still such a hot topic after 5 years, why any game forum can be searched to find people yearning for the good old days of SWG, or why groups have been trying to create an emulator just to be able to play again.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Star Wars Steampunk Art of Bjorn Hurri

These amazing steampunk Star Wars character illustrations are created by UK based conceptual artist/illustrator, Bjorn Hurri. Boba Fett, Princess Leia, Yoda, C-3PO, Chewbacca, Han Solo, and others get the brass and bowler hat treatment in a makeover that would impress even Jules Verne.

Check out all the illustrations here:
World of Steampunk and Star Wars Collide! Illustrations by Bjorn Hurri

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Star Wars Cookie Roundup!

Sweet Sugar Belle makes some amazing Star Wars cookies that could make even the pickiest Wookiee happy! Check out some of the cookies below.

R2-D2 Cookies
R2-D2 Cookies
Last July, I briefly mentioned Sweet Sugar Belle’s Star Wars Cookies.  Since then,Sweet Sugar Belle has been extremely busy making some of the most amazing Star Wars cookies I’ve ever seen.

Get comfortable and find something to nibble on, because we’re going to be here for awhile and these wonderful cookies are going to make your mouth water.

Star Wars CookiesStar Wars Cookies
Star Wars CookiesStar Wars CookiesStar Wars Cookies
Star Wars CookiesStar Wars Cookies

One thing I love about Sweet Sugar Belle’s cookies is the variety.  Each set of cookies has a different design.

Star Wars Cookies
Star Wars Cookies
4939791264_08c04bcbe6_o [800x600]
These cookies are amazing because they’re tiny.

Star Wars Cookies
Star Wars Cookies
Look Mike, it’s a Lando Cookie!!!

Star Wars Book Ends

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

You almost pulled it off - Top 10 evil plans that almost worked

You know those edge-of-your-seat moments in movies when the hero is about to bite the
 bullet? Or when the crazy villain is moments away from pulling off his master plan?
Those plans never quite work out. The hero ends up thwarting the villain, unless he shows up in a sequel where the entire process will repeat itself.
To pay homage to the hard work that went into these dastardly plots, here is the UP's list of the top 10 evil plans that almost worked:
01. The Death Star: Star Wars IV, V, VI
The Death Star, the evil plan to top all evil plans. Why? Because Emperor Palpatine pulled enough resources to build a freakin' spaceship planet ... two of them. The Death Star was literally a star of death— a giant space station that shot a giant laser beam, which caused entire planets to explode. If it weren't for that pesky rebel alliance, he would have gotten away with it, too.

02. Skynet's Terminators: Terminator Series
A tale as old as time: Man creates national defense robots, robots become intelligent, robots annihilate man in a massive worldwide nuclear war. If it weren't for John Connor and the resistance, Skynet would have ruled earth. Connor was such a big threat that they sent three different Terminators to three different points in time to ensure that he dies. Even then they couldn't pull it off.
03. Aliens destroying Earth: Independence Day
This is a scenario that has been played out in movies since the golden age of the sci-fi flick in the '50s. But none did it better than the aliens from Independence Day. An organized global attack on every major city worldwide was a good plan to destroy humanity, but you'd better check up on what happened with your recon ship 40 years ago. It may just come back to screw up your plans.

04. Voldemort and the Death Eaters: Harry Potter Series
Tom Riddle was a bad seed. And when he went completely postal on a wizard-killing rampage he was on the cusp of complete domination. If only it weren't for a baby named Harry Potter who would continue to be a thorn in his side for the next 17 years. And for all that time He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named would beg the question "What is love?"

05.Dr. Rene Belloq opening the ark: Indiana Jones - Raiders of the Lost Ark
After stealing the Ark from Indiana Jones, Belloq and the Nazis believed they would have complete power over the world once they opened it. It was no secret that Belloq was a big rival of Indy. He constantly stole treasures that rightly belonged to Jones — or a museum. Little did Belloq and the Nazis know that opening the Ark would melt their faces and cause Belloq to explode. Oops.

06. Victor stealing the moon: Despicable Me
Although it is actually Gru who steals the moon, Victor is the evildoer who kidnaps Gru's daughters and pilfers the shrunken moon from Gru. But what shrinks must grow back, and the moon eventually grew inside Victor's ship, foiling his misguided plan.

07. Auric Goldfinger's gold smuggling operation: Goldfinger
Goldfinger has an obsession with gold, hence the name. So much so that he painted disobedient women with gold to kill them by skin suffocation. But his master plan was to smuggle gold out of several countries by disguising it as parts of his Rolls Royce. If it weren't for James Bond and the "Grand Slam" sting operation, Goldfinger would have been the world's richest man.

08. Dr. Evil holding the world ransom: Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me
A plan to intercept a nuclear warhead in transit from a breakaway Russian republic to the United Nations and hold the world ransom for $1 million sounds like a foolproof plan. But when Austin Powers is on the case, you can forget it. Powers managed to best Dr. Evil's fembots with a striptease, and this in turn allowed him to get into the room where the Doomsday device resided. However, it was nice to see that Dr. Evil finally got his wish of sharks with laser beams on their heads in Goldmember.

09. Jafar taking over Agraba: Aladdin
Jafar successfully took over Agrabah but, like most villains, got too greedy. The Genie turned Jafar into the most powerful genie in the universe. However, Aladdin bested him by making him a slave to the genie pot, and thus Agrabah  was saved. Not sure how Jasmine's father came to trust a guy with a glowing red eye snake scepter. Never trust a man with a scepter.

10. Pinky and the Brain's world domination: Pinky and the Brain
Every night these genetically enhanced lab rats were bent on world domination. But every night they failed pretty miserably or ended up getting into some sort of strange predicament. But you're a lab rat with a brain, what else do you have to do? Running on the wheel and cheese mazes 24/7 gets a little redundant. Then again so was the show. However, their persistence was impeccable and, had the network given them enough seasons, they may have very well ruled the world.
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Ingame Mails Backup

Do you want to save some mail that you have received in-game? Use the /mails command and it will store any still active mail messages from the character into your StarWarsGalaxies folder.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Japanese Scientists Create Touchable Hologram

Thanks to researchers at Tokyo University, it appears that touchable holograms are now a reality.

Researchers used two Wiimotes from Nintendo’s Wii gaming system to track a user’s hand as well as software that uses ultrasonic waves to create pressure on the user’s hand touching the projected hologram.

Professor Hiroyuki Shinoda from Tokyo University says:

“Up until now, holography has been for the eyes only, and if you’d try to touch it, your hand would go right through. But now we have a technology that also adds the sensation of touch to holograms.”

(via NTD Television)
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A Returning Vet’s Survival Guide for Other Returning Vets

A Returning Vet’s Survival Guide for Other Returning Vets
Ok, so you’ve been gone from Star Wars Galaxies for the last years, and you’ve heard terrible things about this NGE or “New Game Enhancement” thingamajig. Heck, you may have even been burned by it when they deleted your class (sorry Creature Handlers). But now you’ve heard rumblings that things aren’t so bad anymore, that things are actually improving, that the developers are actually taking steps to make the existing player-base happy. So, you’ve gathered up your courage, decided to swallow a little pride, and you’ve typed in your login and password for the first time in ages. This is your guide to surviving in this strange new, yet familiar land.

-- Choice of Profession --
First things first – you are going to immediately be presented with a choice to make: your profession. All 30 some odd pre-existing professions have been compacted down into 9 “iconic” professions. That’s all some marketing BS that you don’t really care about. You just want to know what the heck happened to your class. Well, I say don’t worry about it too much at this point. Pick something that looks good or sounds interesting to you, because you get a respect device which will let you change your profession 10 times for free. That’s enough to let you try every profession once, and then go back to one more. Even once it’s gone, you can change your profession at will by visiting a profession counselor, though it starts to get expensive pretty fast.

-- Fixing your Interface --
Ok, as soon as you log in, you’re probably going to want to do these four things:
1) Turn off Chase Camera
2) Turn on Auto Aim
3) Bind Auto Fire
4) Enable “Fire Specials From Toolbar”

The NGE brought with it some pretty ghetto First Person Shooter mechanics. Thankfully, either by sudden revelation or after months/years of players screaming, the developers realized that the FPS aspects blow chunks and have progressively enabled options to turn them off, returning SWG to the gameplay that you knew and loved (more or less). Let’s go over these steps in detail:

1) Turn off Chase Camera –
Did you notice how the camera is stuck behind your characters back and you can’t make your character face the screen so you can take a nice mug shot? This is the Chase Camera turned on. Simply press ‘period’ on the numpad to turn it off. Ah, much better.

2) Turn on Auto Aim – 
You may not have notice this one yet, but in order to fire a weapon at an enemy, you have to keep your crosshair over him and hold down the mouse button. Boo FPS gameplay. You can fix this by pressing the ‘Y’ key. Your tiny yellow cross hair should turn into a bigger, blue/green circle with a dot in the middle. You can now target enemies and no matter where your mouse is pointing, you can still shoot them – the way any good MMORPG should function.

3) Bind Auto Fire
If you don’t want to have to hold down the mouse button to keep firing your standard attack (and who does really?), we need to hit up the keymappings. Press ‘O’ to open up the Options panel, then click on the ‘Keymap’ tab. Now, click on the ‘Target’. Scroll down to ‘Toggle Autofire’ and bind it to a key. I’m a big fan of ‘F’. Be sure to click OK to save your changes!

4) Enable “Fire Specials From Toolbar”
Without this option, your special abilities merely get assigned to your Right Mouse Button (or bound Secondary Attack key/button), awaiting you to press it to actually fire. Go back into Options ‘O’, and the ‘Keymap’ tab, and make sure ‘Actions Can Be Fired From Toolbar’ in the lower section. Be sure to click OK to save your changes!

-- Other User Interface Notes --
Yay! You now have a game that controls somewhat like the SWG you used to remember! There are a few other odds and ends that I want to point out, that you may end up wanting to change. Some of them you can, others you can’t, so here’s the list in no apparent order:

  • Single left mouse button clicks perform the default action on a device. This might be mounting your vehicle, attacking an enemy, talking with an NPC, etc. The mouse cursor will usually turn into a context sensitive icon.
  • Press ‘X’ to target whatever is under your mouse cursor. Unfortunately, the only surefire way to un-target something right now is hitting ‘Esc’. I’m told it’s a bug.
  • The radial menu we all know and love/hate is bound to the ‘~’ key. It works just like before. Hover your mouse over your target and ~. Usually works with objects already targeted with ‘X’.

-- Miscellaneous FAQ --
These are all questions that were either asked by me, or by friends who came back to the game at the same time, or inquired to me.

What’s this about demolishing abandoned houses on June 5?
Starting June 5, players will be able to demolish any abandoned player structure in the game world. Structures are counted as “abandoned” if the owner has not had a valid active for account at any time since April 2006. Logging in for a free trial does not satisfy the “active” criteria.

They’re going to destroy my house!? What about my stuff!?
“Demolished” structures will be packed up into the owning player’s datapad with everything intact (and everything in its proper location inside). This is merely an event to try to free up some of that prime real estate that all the old timers have so callously taken up for eternity.

Everything has levels, what?
If you haven’t played since the CU (Combat Upgrade, their first attempt at revamping combat before the NGE), you may be surprised to find levels associated with everything. Don’t worry about it too much. The same old con system is still around and you can use those colors to pretty safely judge what you can and can’t handle. Unless you’re a trader or entertainer, then you can’t really handle mobs at all. Oh, and unless they’re elite or boss mobs.

Elite? Boss Mobs?
Elite and Boss Mobs have been around for a while but you might not have really noticed. They are denoted by white or gold chevrons (< and >) around their health bars respectively. Additionally, as of 5/24/07 they have a rancor claw wrapped around their con circle when you have them targeted. If you try to take on one of these alone, you’re going to be sent to the cloning center – unless you’re just that awesome.

What happens when I die?
There is no more decay, so go die all you like! Instead, you get a cloning weakness debuff that lowers your abilities temporarily. You can wait it off for about 10 minutes, pay for a med droid at the cloning center to get rid of it, or watch an entertainer for about, oh, 30 seconds.

What about wounds?
No more wounds!

What the heck do entertainers do then?
See curing cloning weakness. Entertainers are also now your resident buff dispensers.

What do entertainers buff?
Just about damn near everything. XP gain (15%), armor values, chance to hit, you name it, they probably have it. I don’t even know them all yet.

What about crafting?
Crafting still exists and it’s mostly just as complex as it was before. As of the last publish, Traders can reverse engineer some looted equipment similar to the Jump to Lightspeed reverse engineering system.

I heard they brought Creature Handler back!?
Yes, it’s true! As of 5/24/07, the “Beast Master” Expertise has been added to the game. This means that any player of any class can become a “Beast Master” and have Pok√©mon fights all day long. Beast Master is a sort of hybrid between the old Creature Handler and Bio-engineer professions.

Expertise, say what?
If you’re familiar with World of Warcraft, you’re familiar with Expertise. They’re Talent trees. If you’ve never set foot in WoW, Expertise trees are a method of letting you customize your character a bit within the confines of your profession. Each profession has two unique Expertise Trees, and they all now share a third, Beast Mastery.

What happened to Politician?
Everybody is a Master Politician. I don’t know why, so don’t ask me, just run for mayor or something.

What’s up with pilots and space?
It’s literally exactly as it was before. It has been left untouched through all the turmoil of the past few years. That’s a Good Thing™ in my very humble opinion.

I hear they let anybody start with a Jedi. So is it like all Jedi all the time?
I have been pleasantly surprised to find that only about 30-33% of the population seems to be Jedi. Yeah, it’s a lot more than it used to be before, but you’ll find plenty of people of the various professions around. Except maybe Smuggler…I haven’t run across one yet that I know of.

Are Jedi as Crazy Ridiculously Good as they were before?
Ask most people who had a Jedi before and they’ll tell you they never were all that, but that’s beside the point. Jedi are just another class now and so they’re balanced as such.

So does my old school Jedi get anything special?
You get to be glowy and you get a special stronger robe or something. They’re basically small perks, but it’s something none of the newbie Jedi can get.

What do I get for being a vet?
Aside from the Veteran Rewards, which continue to accumulate for some reason even when your account is inactive, you gain “Elder” titles for any professions you mastered under the old system and a special “Favor of the Elders” buff that gives your health and stats a small boost.

Can I have more than one profession?
No, sorry, kids. It’s a “class” system now. You choose one profession/class and you stick with it! Until you want to switch to a different one that is… From what I’ve seen, the people who will suffer the most from this aspect are those who enjoyed a trader/combat, entertainer/combat, or trader/entertainer hybrid. The 7 combat classes cover nearly every type of combat gameplay that existed pre-NGE and pre-CU, and you’re bound to find something that fits your style. But for Traders and Entertainers…well, kiddos, you’re specialized.

How many characters per server can I have?
Two! Make 1 Trader and 1 Combat class. Make 1 Trader and 1 Entertainer! Make 2 Traders or 2 Jedi, heck I don’t care.

About the Author
Sefi Ar’lya used to roam the Bria server from 2004-2005 as the best Bothan sniper ever seen! A Master Ranger / Rifleman, Sefi enjoyed the old SWG and formed many friends. As Jump To Lightspeed arrived, he quickly became an Ace Pilot of the Rebel Alliance, and maintained a brief stint as a news poster for SWG Vault. Once World of Warcraft was released, he went into deep hibernation to await the day that strange powers called him back into the Galaxy Far, Far Away. Sefi has recently returned to Star Wars Galaxies, excited to find that it has begun to move away from the dark times of 2006 towards the gameplay of old. Additionally, many of his old friends have stayed or recently returned to SWG and have been of great assistance during his re-acclamation to the new world. Sefi’s love of Twi’leks hasn’t diminished in the intervening years and you can find his (mostly) Twi’lek inspired artwork and musings at
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Star Wars Galaxies Travel

Thought it was time to share something funny :)

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

SWG Cheats - Guarantee a capped weapon when crafting

You can guarantee a capped weapon with +250 augs and +30 enhancements by waiting until 10 mins before server reset.

Make the core but if it doesn't come out capped do not actually craft it.

Keep the window open until server reset and when the server comes back up you will get all of your core components back. Rinse and repeat until your core is capped. Repeat with the skin. It will take a while but it does work.

A guy on farstar is currently selling his exploited weapons for over 200mill.
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Friday, February 18, 2011

Star Wars Galaxies developer webcast today shares the present and future of the game

Calling all Star Wars Galaxies adventurers -- the SOE community team is planning to pour its heart out with the fans in a developer webcast later today! If you want to get the inside scoop on the Ewok Festival of Love and the Bonus Everything Weekend, then you will definitely want to catch this chat.

The webcast will take place today, February 17th, at 4:00 p.m. PST on Stickamaccording to a Facebook announcement. The devs will be talking about the current in-game events as well as dropping "a few hints about what's coming up next."

The Ewok Festival of Love is a month-long (February 10th through March 10th) event in which the cute and cuddly inhabitants of the forest moon of Endor celebrate good feelings, good food and their obsession with flight. By participating in the events, players can earn several special rewards including housing items, pets, and decorative wings. Because nothing strikes fear in Stormtroopers like Jedi with itsy-bitsy wings!
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