Friday, February 25, 2011

Make money fast on new server trick


I decided to roll to another server, knowing it would be tough on a new server with no money.

Now obviously this will only work for those entitles to the listed rewards below.

When i created my new char i was able to receive the mail rewards:

  • Stuffed AT-AT Toy 350k 
  • Bobble Head- Death Trooper 350k 
  • Jedi Library mini shelf 500k 
  • Blue Print for an IG-100 Droid 500k 
  • Bobble head -TK555 350k 
  • Battlefield Diorama 500k 
  • An Architects Rendition of a House 500k 
  • A Ewok love day heart. 500k 

Obviously these rewards sell for quite a bit. Make sure you have a 2nd account or access to a spot you can drop off the rewards. Drop them off or transfer then delete the char. 15mins later make a new can get the rewards again and again and again and so on.......

I have been doing this for the last couple of hours and already have 8 of each item and still going.

Hope others can get this to work too


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