Monday, February 28, 2011

SWG Tricks - Junk Trick

Firstly junk collection is a pain at best you need 2 stacks of 2 different junk 2 make 10 mod bits wrong lol you can do it with same junk.

so you have a pile of 10 i.d chips or whatever take 1 from the pile and put 9 in the r/e tool. This leaves you with 1 id chip in inv, now this is where you have to be fast pick up the junk item and get ready to radial r/e tool as you drop it into tool you will notice that for a few seconds it says 2 items in r/e tool, radial and press 5 fast and hey presto a mod bit most come out as base mods i.e constitution etc just a little helper for 35 makers out there. Remember to do it fast may take you a few tries but you will get it. I dont think this has been posted before and i did not get it off any other site all my own find thanks


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