Saturday, February 26, 2011

SWG Tricks - Return to Tansari Point Station...


Sooo... let's say you "forgot" to do the Tansari Station badge on your toon - how about returning to the station and do it?

here are the steps how to do it:

you need 3 toons for it:

- Toon A who is able to fly a POB (tried it with the Yacht)
- Toons B and C who fly with A in the POB. One of them (either B or C) needs to have the Hoth Snowspeeder ITV ability (or something similar - will explain later, why)

Now toon A hyperjumps to the Ord Mantell system. Then B and C do a logout to the caracter select screen. When they are logged out, A lands at Nova Orion Station. After he landed, B and C log in again.

B and C will be standing in the middle of nowhere and will not be able to move (but be able to drive around on their vehicles)

now B and C initiate a duel (both type /duel - since the radial menu won't give you the duel command), and one of both get's killed in that duel. Now the cloning window will appear. You will see a lot of "Tansari Station" cloner locations.

Clone there - et voila - you are on the starter station and may do whatever you want to do...

The other character may now call his snowspeeder ITV and travel out of the nowhere

(Attention: Group Pickup Points do not work - so if you go there without the special ITV ability, you are stuck and will need a GM to help you!!!)

If you want to leave the Station again, talk to Han Solo. I was lucky and got the dialogue to leave - a friend was not and needed a GMs assistance to leave.

Attention: You may loose quest progress on unfinished quests (at least my quest journal was empty after that trip ) - only already finished quests stayed in my questlog.

Not sure if it is already here or common knowledge... Just stumbled across that glitch and thought I'd share it...


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