Thursday, March 24, 2011

Star Wars Galaxies: Entertainer Update - Hotfix 19.12 -- Thursday, March 24, 2011

Today's 19.12 hotfix is billed as the Entertainer update, and it's rather aptly named given the lengthy list of tweaks coming to dancers and musicians across the galaxy far, far away. The Entertainer class is receiving a complete expertise tree revamp (and a complimentary reset), new combat buffs, new hairstyles for image design abilities, new dance moves, a new flourish, and several new commands (including a new perform tab).

  • The Entertainer Profession has received an major update. The changes include a revamp of the expertise trees, new combat buffs, new hairstyles for their image design abilities, new breakdance moves, a new flourish, improvements to grouping, and a several new commands.
  • General:
    • All Entertainers have received a free expertise reset.
    • The 'spam troopers' should now appear a lot less frequently.
    • You can now use the /gcwscore and /gcwSkirmishCityHelp command while dancing/singing.
    • Entertainer Terrain Negotiation is now maxed out at 50.
    • You can now start dancing and start playing music while running. The character will stop moving when the startDance or startMusic skill is activated.
    • You can now call and store pets while dancing or playing.
    • Added new animations to Entertainer expertise attacks.
    • The entertainer's system message will now show the name of the player watching.
    • Attempting to inspire someone who's out of range will no longer get that player stuck in an invalid state.
    • The Inspiration 'tick' will now be increased by one minute for each group member who's A) A player B) Actively playing music or dancing.
    • You must now be level 46 to learn the Calypso song.
    • Entertainer Terminal Mission rewards will now scale with the entertainers level.
    • Calling flourish 9 while dancing will now trigger the old 'fall' animation.
    • Entertainer-Holographic Image is now granted at level 26 on the profession wheel.
    • The /flourish 9 command will now work if you have a weapon equipped.
    • New variants of Breakdance have been added - 3,4,5 and 6.
    • Added a new tab to the command browser called "perform". This tab will have all performance commands that the player has acquired.
    • Moved Featured Solo, Dazzle and Cover Charge to the Perform tab in the command browser.
    • You can now target other objects while playing floor based instruments.
    • Clicking on a floor based instrument while performing (dance or music), will no longer stop the performance. Instead a separate 'Stop Music' option has been added to the radial menu.
  • Buff Builder:
    • Added critical hit defense and elemental protection.
    • All crafting related build-a-buff options have been consolidated into a single buff.
    • The Trader buff now also provides a bonus to Lightsaber Crafting Assembly and Cybernetics Assembly.
    • Changed the inspiration system messages to display the total time of the buff.
    • The entertainer's system message will now show the name of the player watching.
    • Attempting to inspire someone who's out of range will no longer get that player stuck in an invalid state.
    • You can now train attributes 10 times (change from 5).
    • Added a Handsampling buff option to the Harvest Faire expertise box. The buff will grant up to 20% bonus to handsampling.
    • Added a Crafting Success buff that increases the chance of a critical success by up to 4%.
    • Increased the effect of the Healer buff to 3% per package, for a total maximum of 15%.
    • The Crafting Assembly buff now includes Artisan Assembly.
  • Image Design:
    • You can n:ow use Image Design while dancing or playing.
    • The Image Designer now displays the numeric value of the sliders next to the name. For example, "muscle (50)" now displays instead of just "muscle" when the slider is in the middle.
    • Entertainers now have access to more hair styles when they Image Design.
      • Sullustans now can be Image Designed to have hair.
    • Humans now have a Hair Trim option to change the colors on those hairstyles that have accessories.
  • Artiste Expertise:
    • Moved Improv to tier 2.
    • Moved Affability to tier 4.
    • Removed the Stylist expertise. New hair styles will be granted at level 90.
    • Holographic Mastery is now at tier 4.
    • Last Dance Expertise which increases the duration of holographic images by 1 hour.
  • Drama Expertise:
    • Unlinked Sweeping Pirouette from Project Will.
    • Unlinked Rising Spirit from Conditioned Vessel.
    • Added Focused Control at Tier 3 which give 3/6/9/12 % melee action cost reduction.
    • Added Improvised Footwork- speed boost/snare immunity at tier 5 for 1 point.
    • Added The Show Must Go on - self heal ability at tier 2 for 1 point.
    • Added Encore- increases the healing potency of The Show Must Go On by 15 % per point spent.
    • Added Show Stopper- grants 2 % critical hit defense per point spent at tier 4.
    • Added Stage Presence- grants 2 % dodge per point spent at tier 5.
    • Thrill is now a critical hit vulnerability debuff.
    • To the Hilt will now increase the Thrill critical hit vulnerability by 2% per point spent and the duration by 2 seconds per point spent.
    • Emotional Prescience now gives 4/8/12/16 % Glancing Blow chance.
    • Unhealthy Fixation expertise is now a stun.
    • Allure will now increase the duration of Unhealthy Fixation by 1 sec per point spent.
    • Unhealthy Fixation is now limited to melee weapon range.
    • Conditioned Vessel and Rising Spirit now work with all melee weapons.
    • Thought as Action grants 250/500/750/1000 innate armor at tier 3
    • Folded Inward grants 250/500/750/1000 innate armor at tier 2
    • Folded Inward and Thought as Action are now linked.
    • The action costs of Strike, Project Will, Sweeping Pirouette and Spiral Kick have all been reduced.
    • Strike, Project Will, Sweeping Pirouette and Spiral Kick now work with all melee weapons.
    • Sweeping Pirouette should now see the damage increase from Conditioned Vessel (or other melee damage mods).
  • Changed the group dance system:
    • startDance, changeDance and stopDance will no longer affect group members.
    • Added the commands: /startGroupDance /changeGroupDance and /stopGroupDance.
    • /groupdance will still function as a toggle that allows the player to ignore any group dance commands.
    • The /groupdance command can now be used while performing.
    • You can now add the name of a specific dance to a /bandFlourish command. This will restrict the bandflourish to the entertainers performing that dance. For example: /bandflourish 4 tumble2.
    • Added icons for bandflourish 1-9 as well as Start and stop icons for both group dance and band music.
    • Flourish 9 will now work correctly when using /bandflourish while group dancing.
  • Heroic Jewelry:
    • Added the Tragedy heroic jewelry set.
    • Each piece will grant +30 str/agi
    • 3 piece bonus grants +30 str/agi
    • 4 piece bonus grants +60 str/agi 5% melee action cost reduction.
    • 5 piece bonus grants +90 str/agi 10% melee action cost reduction and 5% melee critical chance increase.
    • The 5 piece set grants the Call Back ability, which decreases melee action costs by 60% for 10 seconds.
  • New guild members will now have the ground and space guild war Exemption permissions set by default.
  • The guild leader can now set a guild message that will be displayed to all guild members when they log in.
  • The guild leader can now set the guild recruiting information/requirement. This information, along with other guild data (name, abbreviation, faction, members count, % regular - 30 days login, % active - 90 days login, guilds currently at war with), will be publicly available for everyone to see via the List Of Guilds window. The % regular and % active values are only updated at galaxy startup.
  • If the guild is flagged as recruiting, a Request Membership button will be available via the List Of Guilds window to send mail to request guild membership. The Guild Membership Request mail will be sent to the guild leader and all guild members with the sponsor permission. It will contain various information about the requester. You will know that the Guild Membership Request mail is authentic because the sender is system. Do not trust any similar looking Guild Membership Request mail unless the sender is system. There is a 15 minutes wait before the requester can send another Guild Membership Request mail.
  • Guild Membership Request mail will not be sent if the requester's information would violate any of the guild recruiting requirements.
  • Use the /guildRecruitingInfo slash command as an alternate way to display a guild's recruiting information window, instead of launching it from the List Of Guilds window. It is also the only way to view the recruiting information window for guilds with fewer than 5 members, which are not displayed on the List Of Guilds window.
Factional Armor
  • Factional armor no longer automatically bio-links when purchased from a token vendor NPC.
  • Crafted Shock Trooper Armor requires you to biolink the armor in order to equip it.
Ewok Festival of Love
  • All player stuctures should now display the Ewok Festival of Love 2011 standing and hanging signs correctly.
  • If your effort results in a catch, you now have 2 minutes to radial the bobber to retrieve the catch. You cannot use the /target slash command to target the bobber.
Witches of Dathomir
  • Rubina will now correctly give a badge for having the trust of either the Singing Mountain Clan or the Nightsisters.
  • The badge will be granted the first time you talk to Rubina with a faction high enough to gain access to the witch clan.
  • Added buffs for Entertainers and Traders with the Rallying Banner.
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Star Wars Broom Ball!

Recently, the Rebel Legion and the 501st Legion battled it out on ice by way of broom ball at the Port Huron Fighting Falcon’s Star Wars Night event. Extra points for Darth Maul checking a Jedi into the wall.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Home Theater Worthy of Hyperspace

Why watch Star Wars on your TV in a boring living room when you can pretend you’re hanging with R2-D2 and C-3PO in the cockpit of a Corellian Cruiser? writes:

The house has 6 flat panel HDTVs each with their own futuristic touchscreen remote from Creston (each with one button – “WATCH DVD” – that sets all the correct inputs and eliminates headaches). But I’m pretty sure I’d be spending all my time in the theater.

It has life-size R2-D2 and C-3PO replicas that talk to the audience (I assume 3PO stays quiet during the actual screenings), a ceiling featuring a three-dimensional fiber optic scarscape, and a motorized pocket door that serves as the entrance, just like you’d find on a Corellian Cruiser.

Read more about this awesome home theater here:
The Most Impressive Home Theater in the Entire Star System
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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

SWG Guides - BattleField: Be the first to the terminals

Here's a basic trick you guys can use in BattleField or anywhere else.

What you need:
-A vehicle: doesn't matter which one but faster is better

How To:
  • When you first enter the BattleField, make sure you are ready to fight, all buffs/pups/foods.... activated. 
  • Pull out your Vehicle and mount it. 
  • Go BEHIND the starting bunker (the one where you clone when you die) 
  • Now here's the trick: Stay BEHIND the bunker, ON your vehicle and press the Num Lock in order to keep your toon moving forward. Now stuck your vehicle on the back wall of the small starting bunker (should be moving from side to side as it is still trying to move forward) and wait for the Start of the Battle. 
  • Right before you get the "The Battle has started" system message, eveybody's warped to starting spot. Which means you also on your vehicle and your speed is already maxed!!! This mean, you'd be at least 50 to 80 metters away from your groupmates not using this trick, and this right after the battle start. 

Good luck on this, and ask here f you need more info.
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SWG Tricks - Faster Walk Home after Cloning

This may have been something everyone already knew, but i'm just putting it out there. I was rearranging my city buildings when I realized that if you moved the cloner your body still will go to the same spot, where you stored your DNA, when you die. Therefore, by putting the cloner near your house then storing your DNA there, then move the cloner, you will clone right beside your house on the ground.

The advantage is for anyone that "takes the fast way home", it saves time running to your house all the way on the other side of the city. You can also pick up the cloner and not even have one in your city as long as everyone has stored there DNA already.
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Crafting Buff Exploit

You can get the crafting stations to stick on your buff bar by putting them in a backpack in your house and then moving them to another backpack in your house and then walking straight outside, but u have to make sure you walk straight out and make sure u dont enter another room before you leave.

The best thing to do is set the backpacks right next to your doorway.
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Friday, March 4, 2011

SWG Tricks - Usefull Entertainer Tidbit

Use: Save time as an entertaner buffing and people that are afk/not accepting the buff they requested

How to:

  1. Give the person the buff they wanted.
  2. Click accept.
  3.  If it is a full 20 point buff double click on any stat on the left in the modifier window
  4.  If it is Not a full 20 point buff double click a stat that is already modified to the max on the left side of the buff window.
  5. Note: you should see accept turn clickable although you didn't change the buff .
  6. Click Cancel

The recipient will still have the window open while you are free to buff the rest of the world.
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Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Galaxy of Misfit Toys

Joe Yglesias collects Star Wars bootlegs — that is, quasi-Star-Wars-related merchandise that sports names like “Star Force”, “Star Battle”, “Space Gambler”, and “Star Knight” — which bear more than just a passing resemblance to characters, hardware, and weapons from our favorite faraway galaxy. Most of this stuff has been ignored, or even shunned by collectors — until now. Star Wars bootlegs and knock-offs have begun taking on a novel appeal among a growing number of fans, especially those who recall spying the stuff on their local dime store shelves back in the ’70s.

“When I started getting into bootlegs it was just for the novelty factor,” says Yglesias, who recently devoted an entire room of his house to display his Star Wars knock-off collection. “As I delved deeper into bootlegs, they took over as my prime interest. I was intrigued by them, partially for the cheese factor of the badly made, oddly-colored toys, and partially for the history of the items and how/where they were made. Now, easily 15 years later, I’ve sold or traded the majority of my licensed items and turned my collection area into a shrine for misfit Star Wars toys from around the world.”

Check out Yglesias’ Flickr set of over 130 pics from “Mos Yglesias”, a motley, expansive collection of Star Wars knock-offs from the US to Yugoslavia (and in some cases, even the molds that made them!).

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SWG Macros - lvl 90 ent in 2 hrs WITHOUT nyms anniver thing

Here's what you do. Need two macros - mine were called "dance" and "dance2."

macro dance:

/flourish 1
/pause 1
/flourish 2
/pause 1
/flourish 3
/pause 1
/flourish 4
/pause 1
/flourish 5
/pause 1
/flourish 6
/pause 1
/flourish 7
/pause 1
/flourish 8
/pause 1
/macro dance

macro dance2:

/pause .2
/pause .2
/startdance "dancename"
/pause .2
/macro dance2

Now start macro dance2, and replace "dancename" with the best dance you know (for example it would be /startdance basic2 ).

Then start macro dance about 4 or 5 times so that it spams flourishes. If you've done this right, you should start seeing your experience roll in at about 10 times the speed it should.

Whenever you learn new dances, switch them into the macro instead of the old one so you get more experience.

Happy grinding!
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

How to Make a Snow AT-AT!

So you have a lot of snow and you’d like to recreate one of the coolest battles in the Star Wars films? Get your mittens on and start packing snow into an AT-AT worthy of Hoth!

Miguel Valenzuela writes:

My daughter sitting on top of an AT-AT Snow Sculpture. It’s about 4 feet tall (1.2 meters). I know the main canons are a bit big but anything smaller just wasn’t holding or showing up. I built it over a period of two days. About 3 hours the first day then one hour the second day. By leaving it overnight it helped freeze the top layer making it stronger.

Learn how to make an AT-AT Imperial Walker Snow Sculpture here.

More photos here: Snow Sculptures
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The Most Iconic Fictional Vehicle: The Death Star [Infographic]

The Galactic Empire was an authoritarian government that used fear to rule the galaxy. To maintain order and control, the Empire built a series of Death Stars, moon-sized battle stations with lasers that could destroy planets. What better for the Car Insurance Guide, in partnership with Geeks are Sexy, to chronicle than the Death Star? Throughout the Star Wars films, two Death Stars are built, the first is completed and later destroyed and the second is under construction when it’s blown up.

Star Wars Death Star
Compiled by Car Insurance Guide and Geeks are Sexy | Picture hosted on imgur
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