Saturday, April 16, 2011

SWG Programs - SWG Process Window Renaming Tool

I usually run 2 or 3 accounts at the same time on my WinXP machine in windowed mode. If you have to Alt+tab to another account, you only see the default name "Star Wars Galaxies" as the window title to tab to.

To change this, I wrote a little tool that renames the windows title of each SWG process running to

"server.logged_toon - Star Wars Galaxies"

So you can see when switching between the different windows with alt+tab which account you're switching to.

    Usage of the tool:
  • first launch one instance of the game and log in a toon (you may even load all accounts and log in the toons on them)
  • now run the tool
  • all windows titles should now update every second with the logged in toon and server of each account.
  • to end the tool and restore the default windows title, hit the "End"-key on your keyboard once.

The tool should work even when there are client updates, since it's using a scan pattern for finding the offsets it needs. Well... at least I hope it does, we will see at the next update

    known limitations:
  • it may display garbage or a wrong name from the current loaded account when run first time and no toon logged in (the game is waiting at the character select screen)
  • it may display the name of the toon logged in at the first account for a brief moment on the windows title of the second (or third, fourth, ...) account logging in, if you launch those game instances after the tool was started
  • when returning to character select screen the last logged in Server / Name will stay in the windows title until you log in another toon of the account.
  • Using this tool may break other scripts that look for the exact default windows title ("Star Wars Galaxies")

Hope, this little tool is useful for someone.

- Stop-Key for the tool can now be configured via an ini-file. The config line in the inifile is *CASE SENSITIVE*!
If the inifile is missing, the tool defaults to using the "End" key.
- Process ID is displayed in windows title

Get it here


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