Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Image Design Exploit (Crash The Whole Planet)

Theres a way to make anyone connected get booted out and wait for the server to reboot.
(Due to server clustering only the planet your on will get disconnected)

It involves having an Image Designer Alt that can change yours or someone elses height.

You will need Cheat Engine.

Move the height slider up to any random number, then search it in cheat engine as a type "Float" with a decimal value of what you set the height to.

Example: Move slider to 50%, search 0.50, move to 100%, search 1.0 ... etc.

Rinse repeat changing the value each time until you end up with 3-4 addresses remaining in cheat engine.

Now change all those values to 2147483647 and commit the image design without changing the height ingame. Now press jump on your keyboard, poof goes the planet :twisted:

Note: This can also be used to make people INSANELY huge or rather small, theres no limit on maximum height until it overflows and crashes the server. The most you can reduce someones height to is -2 or -3 i think, it was a while ago since i did this.

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