Monday, January 16, 2012

Amazing Detail. Some Signs and Their Translations.

So I was curious if all those signs all over the place actually say anything... and they do! Every sign I've checked, very nearly, has actually been translatable. Most of them are in Aurebesh, but I have seen some in different types of Huttese as well as Trade Federation (though those were harder to make sense of). There are even some fun Easter Egg type things like the "Farwan & Glott" advertisements if you take the time to do a little translation.

This is just a handful I threw together, mostly from Corellia, to illustrate just how far Bioware has gone to make our game immersive. There are so many more out there that I would be scared to tackle translating them all, much less trying to do sloppy photoshop work on them. Some of these signs had to be mirrored (flipped) in order to read correctly. I want to look at a few more text intensive things, especially some of the bits that go across terminal screens, but I've already met my nerd quota for the month I think.

Ultra large edition. 


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