Friday, January 27, 2012

Ilum - 8 min Respawn - Chest


I am playing on my VERY old gaming rig, so forgive the screens. I will replace them with better screens when I get my 7870 for my current gaming beast.

I found a new 8 minute respawn chest on Ilum. There is nobody around this one on my server, which is nice seeing as all the other 8 min chests I know of are super camped now.

Planet: Ilum
Location: [108,2]
Screen of Map:

Loot so far:
Lv 44 Exceptional Medpac
Whites... :\
Multiple Lv 50 Greens
2 Lv 50 Blues

Its in a nice little colta-sack with one PASSIVE STRONG Lumbering Guid. It sits right in front of 2 frozen ponds.

Screen of chest:

I have looted it maybe 12 times now.


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