Saturday, January 28, 2012

Instant Respawn lvl 45 Gold Voss

Found an odd thing where the quest [AREA] Gormak Sabotage has an instantly respawnable gold mob. He seems to consistantly drop around 500 creds and gives me 1920xp at lvl 45. The faster you kill him, the faster you respawn him.

Killing him once per minute for an hour gave me 30k creds and 115,200xp. This area quest is east of Outpost Skyline and in the northern section of the Gormak Lands.

So you know, the first part of this requires you to kill 15 mobs and break a few things. The next step is to kill two silver mobs that will also instantly respawn so long as you do not loot the quest item from them. The gold mob will be spawnable even after you loot the quest item.

Enjoy, I'm sure someone could bot this out with a geared healing companion, he doesn't hit hard at all.


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