Friday, January 27, 2012

Mobs vision based on Movement

So I had noticed in some area that if I had killed the mobs around a chest, looted the chest, logged out, and logged back in, even if the mobs has re-popped, I could loot the chest without aggro if I did not move.

I then saw this video and thought, it would be cool to be able to get to this chest and be able to farm it without having to kill these mobs constantly. BTW, low 30s chest, nothing impressive, but not a lot of people clamoring after it.

I then took a level 20's republic to this area, got near the chest, and the droids killed me. I then logged out while still "invisible", and when I logged back in, the droids would not aggro (screen shot of where I stood included). I then was free to loot the chest.

This might be a handy tactic for other areas of the game.

TL;DR version

  1. Get to chest you want to loot (even if it has KOS mobs around it)
  2. Get close enough to loot it and Log out (if you die, log out while invisible after rez).
  3. Log back in, do not move, loot.
  4. Profit!

Let me know if you have any questions or need more info.


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