Friday, January 27, 2012

Warzone trick that will make you WIN!


To perform this trick to it's fullest potential, you will need 4 group members including yourself. (Note: You can use this trick with 2+ people, but it may not work all the time, having a full 4 person group will provide you with the best results)

So you have your 4 person group, queue up and when you get the queue pop, let 3 of the 4 group members enter the warzone, then the last person will have to reset their UI by pressing CTRL + U twice. After this is done, the last person can enter the battlefield. In turn, the other 3 people who entered before should get a double queue, have them accept the double queue when they get in (DO NOT ACCEPT THE SECOND QUEUE IF ON A SPEEDER...WAIT UNTIL YOU LAND). If done correctly, the other 3 people will get into the same warzone, but will not be a part of the main group. They can just start their own group of 3.

The benefit of this, is that it allows people to backfill the original spots in the warzone causing there to be an imbalance (11 vs 8.) This will cause the warzone to end prematurely, 120 seconds to be exact. Now in that 120 seconds, your team has to be winning in order to take the victory. So, in huttball, you have to score or at least be holding the ball when the timer stops. In Alderaan, you have to have the 2/3 points and/or have the better score. Finally, in Voidstar, i'm not really sure how the game determines who wins because I've had it go both ways on me, but most of the time it is victories.


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