Sunday, January 22, 2012

The wildcard, 300-700k credits /h level 45-50 only


So I was fighting some republic on my 50 sith. I stumble upon an area that has 2 champions, a chest and a slicing node.

Both champions 70% drop rate on orange items, 20% on purple, and 10% on green. Drop 4k credits from killing. The chest gives 3k credits+ item+medpac

and the slicing node is 1-2k + chance for epic schematic/mission

Now I loved make things better.....I turned off my gold farming for a minute and went exploring, literally 30 seconds from this location is another champion with 100% drop rate on oranges, next to a chest and a slicing node...

yes this spot is godlike and theres a reason nobody knows about it, its location is solid.

I have farmed 4mill here in the last few days some of the gear you get is amazing and low levels on my server have bought everything. I get 10-15k per orange, I vendor greens, i sell blues 4k each

So its time to cream your pants!


chest are on a 10 minute, slicing on 20.

Being level 50 allows you to farm this efficiently.

Heres a screenshot of the route you will take, I start with the 2 champs that are fighting each other.

The jedi is called Jedi battlemaster level 39.

If you stack farming this with slicing missions on your companions......the money is unimaginable. Enjoy guys I farmed this hella hard so far, anyways You heard it here first, no other forum has it

Id like to add there is a vanguard set, its amazing looking. Its the rarest of the oranges so far, Sell it big, 40-50k per piece.''

After farming for a certain amount of time, Loot will stop dropping. relog.

Here is my results after 8 hours of farming.( vendoring greens, sold a few oranges on the AH , I started with 0 gold. and I grinded 8 hours straight non stop no life and here is my results.

[Via Owndcore]


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