Monday, January 30, 2012

Win any Warzone in SWTOR in less then 2 min.


Well, there is another bug that might get glitched soon. Instead of the traditional 5-10 minute warzones, you can trigger a faster game, 2 minutes to be exact. Here is how:

  1. Get a group of 4 players together. Queue up for Warzones as a group.
  2. when the Warzone queue pops up, let 3 of the members accept and the 4th member waits.
  3. The 4th member will reset his/her UI by pressing ctrl + u two times.
  4. The 4th person now enters the warzone.

The other 3 group members will be double-queued and a new warzone queue will pop up. DO NOT ACCEPT OR DECLINE; Instead simple click the X button at the top right to get rid of the queue. Your warzone team will be queued as though there were 11 people on your team. This will cause the imbalance system to take effect and the game will end (Too few players on opposing team side). In order to win,


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