Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sith Warrior Unlimited Companion Affection

For the Sith Warrior class quest, Strong Arm. It sends you to Belsavis. Go through the dialog and then travel to the next planet over, and then back to Belsavis and the dialog will happen again.

I didn't realize it would keep counting up so I only did it a few times. Wish I had known before turning it in.

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He goes out in public like that..

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Regarding Tauntauns.

Just something I have thought about.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Philosoraptor on SWTOR

Does that make Republic players complaints about Rakghouls on Taris Third World Problems?
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Monday, February 20, 2012

Solo Gharj as DPS/Heals

You can kill the second boss of the Eternity Vault without any problems. When you enter his cave, head into the left lower corner in the room (when you face him, go left through the lava) there is some rock formation.

You can jump on it and stay there. Pull Gharj and make him jump up that rock again. Gharj will now stand in the lava in front of you, doing no damage at all to your raid and you can dps him down (only ranged) without any problems.

Sometimes he will knock on the floor, doing some damage and knocking people down in the lava but the damage isn't that high, Just Heal through every time you are knocked back, or knocked down.

You can DPS him down without any problems, even when he is enraged.

Kill him and loot him, he won't be dead in the lava because there are some rocks that will reappear when you kill him and he will lie on them.

We downed him @ nightmare like that.
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Trooper Rage

I have like 10 quests I can't abandon on my Sniper lol.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The level 25 speeders

Those level 25 speeders remind me of the personal transports from Wall-E.

Bioware clearly wanted to upgrade their durability so they can survive crashing into trees.
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SWTOR Has Ruined Me... Somehow I Don't Care. Mildly NSFW?

The idea was good, but putting Malgus' head on the body ruined it IMO. Not only for the looks, but also because he isn't a SI but a SW.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ohhhh, FrogDogs, I get it now...

A good ornament to silently say 'Republic for life!'

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Let's see how well this helmet fits to my beard.. wait, what?

I guess this is what you can call a wired bug. Funny though.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Truth About the Magenta Adegan Crystal...

It's true. It looks like crap. Might be rare though.

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Why I hate assassins in PvP

Stealth scan perked with 100% chance root for 3 seconds, Stockstrike to the face. Win.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Family member was having a medical procedure done. This is a conversation I had with a friend who I play SWTOR with.

I hate when people in wheelchairs block me from getting to the cashier npc in the cafeteria. Those really big ones. They just park it there sometimes to annoy people I think. Makes me just want to throw my jell-o at them. I think the huge drake mounts in WoW were the worst. When Cata launched it was so hard to click on quest npcs in the first area's.

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M1-4X (trooper companion) looks and sounds like Thundercleese (from the Brak Show)

He not only looks somewhat similar but his loudmouth over the top attitude and voice seem to be heavily inspired by the Brak show robot Thundercleese. Try compare: M1-4X to Thundercleese (videos may contain spoilers)
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Friday, February 3, 2012

Get on top of Republic base in Ilum; pull Republics up, knock them off to their death

While I don't demonstrate in the video pulling Republics up, you can do so and then knock them back. Lots of times the fall will kill them, giving you instant valor. You effectively climb the mountains on to the right of the Republic base (if you are facing it from an Imperials perspective)

This is great for when the republics are just parked inside their base. Additionally, you can even get to the OTHER side of the republic base up top by crossing the beam and following the path. Oddly enough, the turret doesn't kill you unless you are in LOS. I just assumed it was always insta death upon entering the area, but it is still LOS based.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stack Battlemaster Bags.

If you are a Champion(Rank 50) going for Battlemaster(Rank 60) here is a small tip:

You can stack pvp dailies and open like 20(or more) battlemaster bags once you reach Rank 60.
  1. Accept daily which rewards you a Bag
  2. Complete the daily (you might need to get transported by other players as this method bugs you out from using your ship. i will explain this later on) 
  3. Once you have complete the daily, talk to the terminal and instead of accepting the reward just close the window. it should show you a message that you got 1 reward pending and you just leave it there until you reach rank 60. 

Rinse and repeat until you are rank 60 and you can accept all the rewards and open alot of battlemaster bags on one day.

How to get to ilum while using this bug:you will need a mate who brings you there
when he enters his ship while being grouped AND while you are in his phased area you will be tp'ed onto his ship

He gives you a ride and after this he leaves his ship and leaves his instanced area

You have to leave the group which will initiate a 30second timer after which you will be teleportet to the planet where he parked his ship on.

Once you are done on ilum just enter a warzone and get kicked out for being AFK, you will end up on the fleet

Further advice: you cant do karagas palace while using this exploit because you cant interact with the space shuttle

I did not test any other operations

Well that's it i hope you can enjoy this exploit and it will help you to get a kickstart on battlemaster gear once you reach rank 60!

This is the proof, on the top right it says german for "10 pending" which are solely pvp dailies AND you can push this even further!
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SWTOR Memes FEB 02 -2012

Time for a nother round of SWTOR Memes. I thought there would be more QQ troll jokes hanging all the nay sayers out to dry, but they might  start showing up over the next few days. Anyways. Enjoy:

It never fails...

Every. Freaking. Time.

Scumbag TOR Hater



Exactly how I feel every time I wander onto the swtor official forums and start reading. (took this from stracraft but applies here)

Dear BioWare.... Expansion request here

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Get Healing medals in WZ as DPS

Annoyed you can't get more medals because you can't heal unlike the other classes?

You just need to get "Pure Shockfrozen Water" (which is used to get the magenta adegan crystal)

Everytime you use it, it will heal u for around 9-10k and give u a buff of "Refreshed and Sustained"
This buff can be removed by right clicking it and you can do use it again.
The Pure Shockfrozen Water is not consumed on use and only has a 10 seconds cooldown.

So just unequip your gear and re-equip it, or stand in fire in huttball to get your HP down.
Got around 200k healing done in WZ as Assassin with this.

The item cannot be used in combat. So it's not really useful anywhere else unless you can Vanish quickly and use it.

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