Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Get Healing medals in WZ as DPS


Annoyed you can't get more medals because you can't heal unlike the other classes?

You just need to get "Pure Shockfrozen Water" (which is used to get the magenta adegan crystal)

Everytime you use it, it will heal u for around 9-10k and give u a buff of "Refreshed and Sustained"
This buff can be removed by right clicking it and you can do use it again.
The Pure Shockfrozen Water is not consumed on use and only has a 10 seconds cooldown.

So just unequip your gear and re-equip it, or stand in fire in huttball to get your HP down.
Got around 200k healing done in WZ as Assassin with this.

The item cannot be used in combat. So it's not really useful anywhere else unless you can Vanish quickly and use it.


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