Monday, February 20, 2012

Solo Gharj as DPS/Heals


You can kill the second boss of the Eternity Vault without any problems. When you enter his cave, head into the left lower corner in the room (when you face him, go left through the lava) there is some rock formation.

You can jump on it and stay there. Pull Gharj and make him jump up that rock again. Gharj will now stand in the lava in front of you, doing no damage at all to your raid and you can dps him down (only ranged) without any problems.

Sometimes he will knock on the floor, doing some damage and knocking people down in the lava but the damage isn't that high, Just Heal through every time you are knocked back, or knocked down.

You can DPS him down without any problems, even when he is enraged.

Kill him and loot him, he won't be dead in the lava because there are some rocks that will reappear when you kill him and he will lie on them.

We downed him @ nightmare like that.


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