Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stack Battlemaster Bags.

If you are a Champion(Rank 50) going for Battlemaster(Rank 60) here is a small tip:

You can stack pvp dailies and open like 20(or more) battlemaster bags once you reach Rank 60.
  1. Accept daily which rewards you a Bag
  2. Complete the daily (you might need to get transported by other players as this method bugs you out from using your ship. i will explain this later on) 
  3. Once you have complete the daily, talk to the terminal and instead of accepting the reward just close the window. it should show you a message that you got 1 reward pending and you just leave it there until you reach rank 60. 

Rinse and repeat until you are rank 60 and you can accept all the rewards and open alot of battlemaster bags on one day.

How to get to ilum while using this bug:you will need a mate who brings you there
when he enters his ship while being grouped AND while you are in his phased area you will be tp'ed onto his ship

He gives you a ride and after this he leaves his ship and leaves his instanced area

You have to leave the group which will initiate a 30second timer after which you will be teleportet to the planet where he parked his ship on.

Once you are done on ilum just enter a warzone and get kicked out for being AFK, you will end up on the fleet

Further advice: you cant do karagas palace while using this exploit because you cant interact with the space shuttle

I did not test any other operations

Well that's it i hope you can enjoy this exploit and it will help you to get a kickstart on battlemaster gear once you reach rank 60!

This is the proof, on the top right it says german for "10 pending" which are solely pvp dailies AND you can push this even further!


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