Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Double rewards from missions WIP

I'm not sure how this happened and I couldn't get it to do it again yet. But I figured that if someone would be able to figure it out, someone on this forum would.

I was doing a class mission as a Jedi consular after one of the missions when I was instanced in I accepted my reward and without leaving the instance I logged out and onto another toon. When I came back to the consular the mission complete popped up again to accept it again so I did and I got more exp money and the rewards again.

I tried logging out again to see if it would pop up a third time and it did not. I do not remember how long I was long out the first time. But it might have been around two hours, the second time I tried to log out while still in the instanced mission I was only logged out for about an hour. I am not sure but I am going to try this with one of my other toons and see if you can get double rewards after logging out and back in instantly and I'll post my findings. I thought I would put this up here so other people could try as well.
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Space botting made EASY!

So ive kept this Gem to myself for a while but now with 4 50's and over 20 mill stored ive decided to share. I tried alot of these types of programs without success till now.

I stumbled upon a really nice easy to use program for recording mouse movements/clicks/ keyboard keys. You simply position yourself in the seat of your ship standing. Bind hotkeys to start and stop recording, start recording click the chair, pick a mission, complete the mission, stop recording. You can then simply set it to loop and boom bam your done. You can start as soon as you get your ship. You can also go in edit the scripts to and in fail safes to click where leave space would be incase you go out of sync. You can even throw in crew skills if you get good with it.

Id also recommend you turn on low graphics and set the res as low as you can tolerate for better results.

Mouse Recorder 2 Pro - Nemex Studios - Mouse Recorder Pro 2 Free Download

This does require a pretty good system to stay in sync. Id recommend at least i5 processor, 8GB ram and a high end gfx card
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Friday, March 9, 2012

Crewskills and Maximizing profits in preparation for 1.2

Basics of crew skills
When choosing the crew skills there are a couple points you may want to consider. First - are you going to be able to make things for yourself with these crewskills? Are you not worried about improving your own gear and just want to maximize the amount of income that you are making?
Self-improvement or Increased wealth. Once you answer that question there are the bonuses that your companions grant listed here:


Jedi Consular
  • Qyzen Fess (Melee tank) – Starter Companion on Planet Tython - +5 Biochemistry Efficiency, +15 Archaeology Efficiency
  • Theran Cedrex (Healer) – Planet Nar Shaddaa - +10 Cybertech Efficiency, +10 Slicing Efficiency
  • Zenith (Range DPS) – Planet Balmora - +15 Investigation Efficiency, +1 Underworld Trading Critical
  • Lt. Iresso (Range Tank) – Planet Hoth - +2 Armstech Critical, +2 Scavenging Critical
  • Nadia Grill (Melee DPS) – Planet Belsavis - +10 Synthweaving, +2 Diplomacy Critical

Jedi Knight
  • T7-01 (Melee Tank) – Starter Companion on Planet Tython - +10 Bioanalysis, +2 Slicing
  • Kira Carsen (Melee DPS) – Planet Coruscant – +5 Synthweaving Critical, +1 Research Critical
  • Doc (Healer) – Planet Balmora - +5 Underworld Trading Efficiency, +5 Biochem Critical
  • Sgt. Rusk (Range DPS) – Planet Hoth - +10 Armstech Efficiency, +10 Scavenging Efficiency
  • Lord Scourge (Range Tank) – Planet Hoth – Imperial Palace - +10 Artifice Efficiency, +10 Archaeology Efficiency

  • Corso Riggs (Range Tank) – Starter Companion on Ord Mantell - +5 Underworld Trading Efficiency, +5 Armstech Critical
  • Bowdaar (Melee Tank) – Planet Nar Shaddaa - +10 Cybertech Efficiency, +10 Scavenging Efficiency
  • Akavi Spaar (Melee DPS) – Planet Balmora - +10 Armormech Efficiency, +2 Bioanalysis Critical
  • Risha (Range DPS) – Planet Alderaan - +15 Diplomacy, +1 Slicing Critical
  • Guss Tuno (Healer) – Planet Hoth - +10 Archaeology Efficiency, +2 Treasure Hunting Critical

  • Aric Jorgan (Range DPS) – Starter Companion on Ord Mantell – +10 Armstech Efficiency, +2 Diplomacy Critical
  • Elara Dorne (Healer) – Planet Taris - +10 Biochemistry Efficiency, +10 Bioanalysis Efficiency
  • M1-4X (Range Tank) – Planet Nar Shaddaa - +5 Cybertech Efficiency, +5 Scavenging Critical
  • Tanno Vik (Melee Tank) – Planet Balmora - +5 Armormech Critical, +1 Underworld Trading Critical
  • Sgt. Yuun (Melee DPS) – Planet Hoth - +10 Investigation Efficiency, +10 Slicing Efficiency


Bounty Hunter
  • Mako (Healer) – Starter Companion on Planet Hutta - +5 Cybertech Efficiency, +15 Slicing Efficiency
  • Gault Rennow (Range DPS) – Planet Tatooine - +10 Underworld Trading Efficiency, +2 Biochem Critical
  • Torian Cadera (Melee DPS) – Planet Taris - Torian Cadera: +10 Research Efficiency, +2 Bioanalysis Critical
  • Blizz (Range Tank) – Planet Hoth - +15 Armormech Efficiency, +1 Armstech Critical
  • Skadge (Melee Tank) – Planet Belsavis - Skadge: +10 Scavenging Efficiency, +2 Treasure Hunting Critical

Imperial Agent
  • Kaliyo Djannis (Ranged Tank) – Starter Companion on Planet Hutta - +10 Armstech Efficiency, +2 Underworld Trading Critical
  • Vector Hyllis (Melee DPS) – Planet Alderaan - +5 Bioanalysis Efficiency, +5 Diplomacy Critical
  • Doctor Lokin (Range Tank) - Planet Taris - +15 Biochemistry Efficiency, +10 Investigation Efficiency
  • Ensign Raina Temple (Healer) – Planet Quesh - +10 Scavenging Efficiency, +2 Armormech Critical
  • Scorpio (Melee DPS) – Planet Belsavis - +10 Cybertech Efficiency, +2 Slicing Critical

Sith Inquisitor
  • Khem Val (Melee Tank) – Starter Companion on Planet Korriban - +15 Artifice Efficiency, +5 Investigation Efficiency
  • Andronikus Revel (Range DPS) – Planet Tatooine - +2 Slicing Critical, +2 Underworld Trading Critical
  • Ashara Zavros (Melee DPS) – Planet Taris – +10 Synthweaving Efficiency, +10 Diplomacy Efficiency
  • Lt. Talos Drelik (Healer) – Planet Hoth - +5 Treasure Hunting Efficiency, +5 Archaeology Critical
  • Xalek (Range Tank) – Planet Korriban - +10 Bioanalysis Efficiency, +2 Scavenging Critical

Sith Warrior
  • Vette (Range DPS) – Starter Companion on planet Korriban - +5 Underworld Trading Efficiency, +5 Treasure Hunting Critical
  • Malavi Quinn (Healer) – Planet Balmora - +10 Armstech Efficiency, +10 Diplomacy Efficiency
  • Jaesa Willsam (Melee DPS) – Hutta - +5 Archaeology Efficiency, +5 Synthweaving Critical
  • Lt. Pierce (Range Tank) – Planet Taris - +10 Cybertech Efficiency, +2 Research Critical
  • Broonmark (Melee Tank) – Planet Hoth - +10 Scavenging Efficiency, +2 Bioanalysis Critical

For your crafting crewskill you want to choose the profession for your class that has a crit companion. This increases the chance that you get augments in items in the professions where you craft gear and the number of items crafted for biochem.

Coming in 1.2: armormech and synthweaving will be able to crit augments in orange gear. You are currently not able to at this moment but will be once this patch is released.

$$ - If you are a armormech or synthweaving crafter collect all the patterns for orange gear with 3 slots and create a stockpile of all the mats used in crafting these pieces. These will sell for a LOT OF CREDITS. When patch 1.2 is released use your crit companion (if you have one) to create a huge number of these slotted gear pieces. Sell the orange pieces with an augment slot on patch release day for at least 1 million credits. People will want these because they will be the new best in slot items with an augment. Quick way to make several million credits. You have a 5% chance to crit an augment and an additional 1% for each crit bonus point on a companion. So have mats for as many as you can manage to scrape together before the next patch.

Patterns – Buy these and buy them fast. Any custom pattern that has 3 slots in it for either synthweaving or armormech. These patterns will be in high demand once the patch hits and people are looking to craft specific looking gear with augment slots.

Armormech Mats – The best position you can be in when the patch is release is having all the materials that you need to pump out hundreds of items. Reverse engineer the pieces that did not crit (if the vendor price is lower than the price of one of the material pieces) and continue crafting till you crit. I anticipate these selling for a healthy sum (1 million a piece on high pop servers).

The mats you want to stock up on if you are just looking to flip them for a tidy profit are:

Polyplast set – 4 Ciridium, 8 Durasteel, 12 Polyplast
Polyplast Battle gear – 4 Quadranium, 8 Neutronium, 12 Polyplast
Electrum Onslaught – 4 Ciridium, 8 Zal Alloy, 12 Electrum
Diatium Onslaught - 4 Quadranium, 8 Amorphous Carbonite, 12 Diatium
Commando Elite - 4 Quadranium, 12 Electrum, 8 Polyplast
Mercenary Elite - 4 Quadranium, 12 Electrum, 8 Polyplast
Gunslinger Elite - 4 Quadranium, 8 Electrum, 12 Polyplast
Sniper Elitie - 4 Quadranium, 8 Electrum, 12 Polyplast
Lacqerous Mesh - 4 Titanium, 6 Diatium, 10 Lacqerous
Fortified Lacqerous - 4 Titanium, 10 Diatium, 6 Lacqerous
Phobium Onslaught – 4 Titanium, 10 Phobium, 6 Fibermesh
Lacqerous Battle - 4 Titanium, 6 Bondite, 10 Lacqerous
Plasteel Batt – 4 Xonolite, 5 Bondite, 10 Plasteel
Chanlon Onslaught - 4 Xonolite, 10 Chanlon, 6 Fibermesh
Vagabond - 4 Xonolite, 10 Phobium, 6 Lacqerous
Spec Ops - 4 Xonolite, 6 Phobium, 10 Lacqerous
Outcast - 4 Xonolite, 10 Phobium, 6 Lacqerous
Hooligan’s - 4 Xonolite, 6 Phobium, 10 Lacqerous
Tempered Laminoid – 4 Mullinine, 6 Chanlon, 10 Laminoid
Laminoid Battle - 4 Mullinine, 10 Chanlon, 6 Laminoid

*This is as far as I had time for today. I’ll work more on it tomorrow and finish the list of orange armormech, armstech, and synthweaving gear.
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Thursday, March 8, 2012

+10 stats Datacron easy fro lvl 50's : SWTOR Exploits

I was running around in the empire museum while i was changing some values with cheatengine, i found that you could change your x coordinate,.. which actually means you can teleport yourself forward.

Knowing this you can actually teleport urself thru the "window" to get to the datacron. Its a shame you need to be level 50 to use the door to get the +10 stats but yeah if you ARE lvl 50 is pretty nice and fast ofcourse no lamebags to worry about.


  • Search you X coordinate in cheat engine , its a float and it's X/10
  • Go stand in front of this "window" or force field or whatever
  • Change the value slighly just enough so you end up on the other side of it..
  • Et voila, +10 stats in less then 5 minutes of time

I was thinking it might be possible to use this datacron at a lower level if you could manipulate and let the game think Your 50 when ur really lvl 20 so just to get the cutscene i guess,.. any suggestions?
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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Luckys Spacebot

Here is a Spacebot that is written in Autoit for free usage.  It uses Pixelsearch and Imagesearch and supports the English and German client. It is still under development for more features to come.

Included Missions Empire:

- Jaabim (Start)
- Sarapin (Level 20)
- Taspan (Level 28)
- Skaross (Level 34)
- Aeten (Level 44)

Included Missions Republic:

- Fondor (Start)
- Makem Te (Level 20)
- Syvris (Level 28)
- Pakuuni (Level 34)
- Drexel (Level 40)
- Kalee (Level 44)

1. Set the resolution to 1024x768 windowed mode, quality: low (dont move the window)
2. Stand in front of the chair in your Spaceship and position the camera behind the chair.
3. Start the bot , click onto the mission you wish to start and then onto the game window.
4. Press F2 to stop the bot.

- Jedi Knight, Jedi consular and Smuggler should work best.
- The equipment of the ship should always be on the current level.
- Special equipment (shield boost, EMP, etc.) should not be forgotten.
- You will need epic equipment from the tradecenter (up to at least lvl 46) to make level 44 missions work.
- Left Quickslot should be disabled and the right one enabled for crew skills to work properly.
- If the bot misses the right clickpoint on the starmap move the game window a bit or use windows aero theme.

Have Fun!

Alternative Download Links:

Download: Luckys_Spacebot_v3.1.rar | xup.in

Luckys_Spacebot_v3.1.rar - FileFactory.com

Update V3.1:

- Removed Taspan and added Ezran instead
(Grade 3 shield generator is required for Ezran)
- Added Sullust Interception

Update V3:

- Added barrel rolls
- Added a crew skill bot that will send out crew members before a space mission.
The following ingame configuration is required:
Left Quickslot: Disabled
Right Quickslot: Enabled

Update V2.02:

- Pakuuni accept fixed (eng)
- Drexel fixed (eng)

Update V2.01:

- Quickfix Loop

Update V2:

- Added Graphical User Interface
- Added reconnect feature
- Added donation button
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