Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Space botting made EASY!


So ive kept this Gem to myself for a while but now with 4 50's and over 20 mill stored ive decided to share. I tried alot of these types of programs without success till now.

I stumbled upon a really nice easy to use program for recording mouse movements/clicks/ keyboard keys. You simply position yourself in the seat of your ship standing. Bind hotkeys to start and stop recording, start recording click the chair, pick a mission, complete the mission, stop recording. You can then simply set it to loop and boom bam your done. You can start as soon as you get your ship. You can also go in edit the scripts to and in fail safes to click where leave space would be incase you go out of sync. You can even throw in crew skills if you get good with it.

Id also recommend you turn on low graphics and set the res as low as you can tolerate for better results.

Mouse Recorder 2 Pro - Nemex Studios - Mouse Recorder Pro 2 Free Download

This does require a pretty good system to stay in sync. Id recommend at least i5 processor, 8GB ram and a high end gfx card


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