Sunday, April 22, 2012

Epic trick with legacy - mail BM/War hero gear.

There are legacy orange (moddable) items for sale on a vendor in your home world (Dromund Kaas and Coruscant) that sell for 100 to 200k a piece. You can put war hero, BM, or any bound-to-you armoring/mods/enhancements in them and mail them to your other characters. I have a few valor 0 alts with full BM gear.  Jump on it while it works.

The war hero and new campaign gear is the only one that transfers set bonuses. The gear will still require level 50 to use as the mods are level 50. The benefit of this is if you have tons of extra BM or other high end gear on your char, you can now send it to alts using legacy items. I had a few extra battlemaster sets on companions that I mailed to alts.


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