Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Buy the crafting droid upgrades from a friend's ship who paid for the legacy droid

You can buy and equip on your crafting droid the items from your repair droid if you enter the buy them from a friends ship

  1. Player who owns the legacy repair droid invites the other player to a group
  2. ) The player who doesn't have the droid must enter the green ship instance first, but not take the elevator until both players are within the actual green instance
  3. The player who doesn't have the droid must be the first one to enter the ship the ship after entering the ship airlock
  4. After that player loads, the crafting droid will not initially be there, but one the other player zones in, the droid shows up and the items can be bought/used by any player, saving 1 million credits from purchasing the droid.

It is very buggy and sometimes he was sent to his own ship if the steps above weren't followed 100%.

It is possible that this could work with the other ship unlocks.

Oh, and a bit of fun. I did a space mission while he was on my ship. He couldn't exit during the space mission, so the ship made him use the escape pods.


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