Thursday, August 2, 2012

How To Get 10 Black Hole Coms a Day Instead of 5 Doing HMs

So here we go, how to get 10 Black Hole commendations a day rather than just 5 doing your daily HM. I ran into a bug where if i was disconnected from a HM using the group finder tool, i would not receive my Black Hole commendations, well i found a way to exploit that and here is how.

1. Queue up using the group finder, doesn't matter if it is pugg'd or if you have a full group and get a random one.

2. Click travel now, and once you are inside the instance at some point disconnect (unplug ethernet cable, turn off wifi card, you guys get the idea). Then reconnect back, if you are pugg'ing make sure to do this somewhat fast as they may vote to kick you and you will have to start all over!

3. No after you are re-connected, finish the HM as normal. At the end, you will notice you WILL NOT receive your 5 Black Hole commendations. This is GOOD, keep reading.

4. Write a ticket explaining what happened and how you did not receive your Black Hole commendations even though you did the random HM using the group finder tool. (they will take anywhere from 1 hour to 3 days, I'm sure you guys know how bad BW customer service is). They will then tell you that you indeed do your HM and will either mail, or just add the 5 Black Hole commendations to your inventory.

Now i know what you guys are saying, but that's only 5 Black Hole commendations idiot! But here's the fun part, after writing your ticket pull up the group finder tool. It will say you are still able to do a HM for the 5 Black Hole Commendations! So do another HM and don't disconnect this time, get your 5 BH commendations and when BW customer service see's that you did do X HM using the group finder tool and did not receive your commendations they will give you another 5!

Easy version.

1. Queue up

2. Disconnect from instance at some point.

3. Finish HM and write a ticket saying you never got your commendations.

4. Do another HM and finish it like normal and get your 5 Black Hole commendations.

5. In 1 - 3 days get another 5!

I've been doing this for a week on 3 50's and haven't had a single issue with bans or warnings so as far as i know this is safe to do. Also, make sure to give details as to which toon did not get the commendations and which HM they did, this way the customer service won't look at the 2nd HM you did and say you already got your 5 commendations!
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