Sunday, April 5, 2015

A compilation of everything we know about Star Wars Rebels Season 2. - Big Time Spoilers.


Also I'll come out and admit I did not make this list, I found it over and have modified it a bit, but it's so good I thought I'd share it here.

  • So this is what we do know of Season Two from the interviews and what they have already released:
  • Season 2 will be darker and more like Empire Strikes Back.
  • Season 2 will have twice as many episodes as Season 1.
  • Ahsoka will be somewhat of a mentor character in the show, but wont set up a bunk on the Ghost. In other words she will not be in every episode. Her lightsabers blades are now white to represent her non-affiliation.
  • Dave Filoni has already discussed at great lengths with George Lucas how Vader and Ahsoka would go down, but it's unknown whether this will take place in Season 2 or at all. (It's obviously going to happen at some point lol imo anyway)
  • The Ghost crew is getting off Lothal because the Imperial presence is too strong for them to operate.
  • More planets, including ones from Legends, will be shown.
  • Vader is gonna kick Kanan's butt hard in some form
  • Vader will not be poorly handled as he was in "The Force Unleashed 1-2" in the words of Freddie.
  • Vader also will do something this season that might have parents upset.
  • Somebody tied to the Jedi or simply to the events of Order 66 helps Kanan work through some issues.
  • More cameos.
  • Lando shows up again.
  • Hondo is gonna show up. Here
  • Twice now, in two different interviews, Freddie Prinze Jr. teased at a Legends character being introduced as one of Vader's lieutenants or operatives.
  • Sabine's back-story is gonna be explored more and what we learn will "cause some people to flip".
  • Kallus is gonna continue to play a major role in the story.
  • We learn more about Zeb's past.
  • Sarah Michelle Geller is voicing a new major character.
  • Sam Witwer has joined the cast, believed to be voicing Palpatine.
  • A new Rebel commander, Commander Sato, and his unit, A-Wing squadron and carrier, show up.

Podcast with Freddie Prinze Jr Interview with Freddie Prinze Jr

Interview with Dave Filoni

FYI there are more interviews where this stuff was pulled from so I'll expand it with more links later.


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