Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A few thoughts on the Clone Wars TV serie [OBVIOUSLY SPOILERS]


The Clone Wars series basically redeemed the Prequel Trilogy for me. The way they portray Anakin was what really did it for me.

In the movies it seems like he turned to the dark side overnight, but in the Clone Wars you can see his slow turn. He becomes more aggressive, more hateful, and most importantly, more suspicious of the Jedi Order and their intent. 

The way they handled Ahsoka's leaving was perfect, because seemed to really solidify his distrust of the Jedi Council, and that made it much easier to believe that Palpatine could turn him to his side.

Not only that, but humanizing the clones is something that was very powerful. Some of my favorite arcs and episodes were clone-centric ones.

It seems George Lucas used the series to tell the entire story of the prequel era the way he originally intended it to be told. That's what I really like about the Clone Wars.

Here is my thoughts:
  • I watched the show all the way through in chronological order
  • HOW THE FUCK DID THIS SHOW GET A PG RATING? The amount of beheading, dismemberment, animal abuse, people getting run through by lightsabers and horribly tortured is off the fucking charts.
  • I absolutely loved the emphasis on the clones. Its commendable how hard they try to make sure that every member of an army of soldiers with the same face and voice had a degree of individuality to them. Special credit to Dee Bradley Baker. It couldn't have been easy giving some few dozen soldiers their own unique personality with the same voice. All the clone death scenes were legit feels-inducing (especially when they DON'T die honourably (Waxer, Fives)).
  • The battle scenes are amazing and are enhanced by the personality given to the clones. You really get that "oomph" feeling when a clone in the foreground gets shot and screams in agony as he falls out of the frame. The opening battle sequence from "Darkness on Umbara" is some legit war movie shit and reminded me of the Omaha Beach scene from Saving Private Ryan.
  • Despite being a "kids show", it really does reward hardcore fans of the universe. I don't think any kiddies knew of the importance of Tarkin, or homages to the originals like the escape scene from Zygerria. The conversations between Tarkin and Anakin also explains why Vader really respected Tarkin in Episode IV and even obeyed his commands.
  • Ahsoka and Lux are my OTP. Filoni please make them a thing in Rebels
  • Watching the Order 66 scene from Episode III was already a feels trip. Watching it again after having watched the series is even harder now. Its not just "Oh no all these Jedi are getting murdered" but "Oh no all these clones we got to know and love are murdering all the Jedi we got to know and love and the clone commanders and their Jedi were like best friends how could this happen ;_;"
  • Anakin's character is infinitely better than in the prequels. Matt Lanter seems to be a way better fit for Anakin and should have played him in the movies. Anakin of the series is a fucking badass who doesn't take shit from no one but is still a good guy. His path to the dark side is much more fleshed out than "woop my wife gonna die, better become evil". Seeing him turn in Episode III is also much sadder because its less "This whiny bitch is finally a badass" and more "This kickass awesome dude just became an evil asshole"
  • Thank the lord that the mystical elements of the universe are explored beyond "WHAT HIS MIDICHLORIAN COUNT? ITS OVER 9000"
  • If I didn't know any better I would have thought the prequels were like some shitty live action version of the show (kinda like what The Last Airbender movie was to the cartoon)

EDIT: Something I forgot to add: HONDO OHNAKA. I think it is actually impossible to hate this guy


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