Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Battlefront Beta Set to Land on October 7

The big moment legions of Star Wars fans world-over have been awaiting with bated breath for what seems like years now is apparently within arm's reach: the Star Wars: Battlefront beta will be available for preload on PC on October 7, from 9AM GMT. The size of the beta download will be some 11 GB on PC (probably due to some better quality textures and models on PCs with better-than-1080p resolution), and 7 GB on Xbox One and PS4.

Apparently, the beta version comes with server browsers for multiplayer, a feature which will be done away with come the "real" launch in November, and replaced with dedicated servers. The good news is though that Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader will be playable characters in the beta, rife with special abilities. Luke Skywalker for instance comes with Force Push, Sabre Rush and a special, force-assisted jump ability. It's not yet clear what Vader will bring to the table in this respect. What is clear though is that the time players will be able to spend in the shoes of these characters will be limited. Those who kill lots of opponents though will be able to prolong this period. As a base-idea, players will be able to spend some 2 minutes as Skywalker or Vader, but those who are really skilled will be able to prolong this to as much as 5 minutes.

The health of these special characters will continuously decrease, only slowing down/stopping when a kill is achieved. In theory, it is possible for one player to play as Luke or his father for an entire match, but - according to senior producer Jamie Keen - it will be extremely unlikely.

While the beta will definitely give players a chance to quench their thirst for Star Wars action, the real date to watch is November 17, when the actual launch of the game will take place.

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