Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Galaxy Of Heroes: Territory War Rewards Need to be Adjusted


(Thread on forum: https://forums.galaxy-of-heroes.starwars.ea.com/discussion/147594/tw-rewards-not-related-to-ties )

Similar to the change that happened to TB, I think that the dev team needs to consider overhauling TW rewards. I'm in a 98m GP guild, so toward the higher end of the spectrum. Even so, our potential rewards (assuming a win) are 1,275 guild currency, 2 zetas, 3 omegas, 4 purples, 450 GET, and 540k credits. On a loss/tie our rewards are only reduced by 200 GC, 1 zeta, 1 omega, 1 purple, 75 GET, and 405k credits. Gear box is unchanged it seems.

There are two issues with the rewards: One, there's not really a significant difference between first and second (assuming we do 4 TW a month, that's a zeta every 5 months), so there's not a huge incentive to try everything in our power to win. Moreover, the current rewards are SIGNIFICANTLY below what we get from TB in the all-important GET. In the LS TB, we get 37*, which gives 5,900 GET, plus all the GET from various special missions. All together, we are probably getting somewhere in the vicinity of 10,000 GET from a single LS TB. Assuming we win back-to-back TWs, we would get 900 GET (i.e., less than 10%).

Under the previous schedule, we basically averaged 3 TBs every 4 weeks, so 30,000 GET a month. Under the new schedule, we are looking at 2 TB and 4 TW in the same time period. That's (assuming 4 wins in TW) 23,600 GET, or a loss of 6,400 GET (20%).

Given that there are now two characters locked behind GET, plus all post G12 gear, cutting down our GET yield is not really reasonable. At a minimum, yield should remain stable (devs must have a good amount of data on GP:star ratio for TB to set the GET rates for TW) if not increasing. TW rewards, as currently structured, are a huge step backwards -- at a minimum, the rewards for the four TWs should be equivalent to the TB we are losing.


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