Saturday, April 16, 2011

SWG Programs - SWG Process Window Renaming Tool

I usually run 2 or 3 accounts at the same time on my WinXP machine in windowed mode. If you have to Alt+tab to another account, you only see the default name "Star Wars Galaxies" as the window title to tab to.

To change this, I wrote a little tool that renames the windows title of each SWG process running to

"server.logged_toon - Star Wars Galaxies"

So you can see when switching between the different windows with alt+tab which account you're switching to.

    Usage of the tool:
  • first launch one instance of the game and log in a toon (you may even load all accounts and log in the toons on them)
  • now run the tool
  • all windows titles should now update every second with the logged in toon and server of each account.
  • to end the tool and restore the default windows title, hit the "End"-key on your keyboard once.

The tool should work even when there are client updates, since it's using a scan pattern for finding the offsets it needs. Well... at least I hope it does, we will see at the next update

    known limitations:
  • it may display garbage or a wrong name from the current loaded account when run first time and no toon logged in (the game is waiting at the character select screen)
  • it may display the name of the toon logged in at the first account for a brief moment on the windows title of the second (or third, fourth, ...) account logging in, if you launch those game instances after the tool was started
  • when returning to character select screen the last logged in Server / Name will stay in the windows title until you log in another toon of the account.
  • Using this tool may break other scripts that look for the exact default windows title ("Star Wars Galaxies")

Hope, this little tool is useful for someone.

- Stop-Key for the tool can now be configured via an ini-file. The config line in the inifile is *CASE SENSITIVE*!
If the inifile is missing, the tool defaults to using the "End" key.
- Process ID is displayed in windows title

Get it here
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SWG Cheats - Guarantee a capped weapon when crafting

You can guarantee a capped weapon with +250 augs and +30 enhancements by waiting until 10 mins before server reset. Make the core but if it doesn't come out capped do not actually craft it. Keep the window open until server reset and when the server comes back up you will get all of your core components back. Rinse and repeat until your core is capped. Repeat with the skin. It will take a while but it does work. A guy on farstar is currently selling his exploited weapons for over 200mill.
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SWG Inventory Sorter

User requirements:
- Very basic regex knowledge
- Knowledge on how to construct .ini files

0) Configure the script on what you want to keep. More on that later
1) Open up galaxies (duh)
2) Find another bot/script/whatever (That does not use the mouse!) that will fill up your inventory with items. e.g. forage macro or junk loot, etc, etc.
3) Open up your inventory and another window (backpack) where items you want to keep will be dragged to
3a) Make sure that if you are collecting stackable items, that there isn't a stack of them in your inventory. Put them in the backpack.
4) Start the bot, alt tab to galaxies and click the two locations it asks you for
5) Watch the magic

The config file:
I have included a config file for foraging to keep +11 lyases and mysterious data disks. The format is as follows:
[Regex to match item name]
LoadCheck=Description variable that the item has. Used to see if the description is loaded (optional. Required if checking against description variables)
Variable name=Variable Value (Repeat as necessary. Variable value is a regex)

So, if you want the bot to also keep all scrub/worm bait you simply add a line, and only this line:
[.* Bait]

You will also notice the _ItemDeleteActions section, this is used to figure out what key to press to delete an item. I think this is fairly complete, but if the bot stops and tells you it encountered an unknown item please post the message here, and tell us what kind of item it was, and under what radial key the delete option for that item is.

This should be all you need to know to get this to work, enjoy!

get it here
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dark Lord of the Board

Indonesian artist Abell Octovan recently showed his custom “Lord on Board” figure (8″) + a prototype of his upcoming Boycott resin figure in the Plastic Culture booth at the Jakarta Toys and Comics Fair.

Vinyl Pulse reports:

he deep blue shreddin’ figure is a follow-up of sorts to his wave cravin’ Lord on Vacation. The Lord figures are great — iconic culture mash-ups executed with minimal sculpting and paint which increases the power of the imagery.

Read more about this art piece here:
Abell’s Lord on Board + Boycott Figures (via Vinyl Pulse)

Check out more images here:
Lord on Board
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