Monday, January 30, 2012

Win any Warzone in SWTOR in less then 2 min.

Well, there is another bug that might get glitched soon. Instead of the traditional 5-10 minute warzones, you can trigger a faster game, 2 minutes to be exact. Here is how:

  1. Get a group of 4 players together. Queue up for Warzones as a group.
  2. when the Warzone queue pops up, let 3 of the members accept and the 4th member waits.
  3. The 4th member will reset his/her UI by pressing ctrl + u two times.
  4. The 4th person now enters the warzone.

The other 3 group members will be double-queued and a new warzone queue will pop up. DO NOT ACCEPT OR DECLINE; Instead simple click the X button at the top right to get rid of the queue. Your warzone team will be queued as though there were 11 people on your team. This will cause the imbalance system to take effect and the game will end (Too few players on opposing team side). In order to win,
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

SWTOR Memes Jan 29 -2012

Haven't been any memes around for the last few days, but now it's caching up. Here are the latest star wars: the old republic memes.

Good Guy Companio


Douchebag Khem

What repeats in my head on my bounty hunter..

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Instant Respawn lvl 45 Gold Voss

Found an odd thing where the quest [AREA] Gormak Sabotage has an instantly respawnable gold mob. He seems to consistantly drop around 500 creds and gives me 1920xp at lvl 45. The faster you kill him, the faster you respawn him.

Killing him once per minute for an hour gave me 30k creds and 115,200xp. This area quest is east of Outpost Skyline and in the northern section of the Gormak Lands.

So you know, the first part of this requires you to kill 15 mobs and break a few things. The next step is to kill two silver mobs that will also instantly respawn so long as you do not loot the quest item from them. The gold mob will be spawnable even after you loot the quest item.

Enjoy, I'm sure someone could bot this out with a geared healing companion, he doesn't hit hard at all.
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Friday, January 27, 2012

Sith Warrior Unlimited Companion Affection

For the Sith Warrior class quest, Strong Arm. It sends you to Belsavis. Go through the dialog and then travel to the next planet over, and then back to Belsavis and the dialog will happen again.

I didn't realize it would keep counting up so I only did it a few times. Wish I had known before turning it in.

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Ilum - 8 min Respawn - Chest

I am playing on my VERY old gaming rig, so forgive the screens. I will replace them with better screens when I get my 7870 for my current gaming beast.

I found a new 8 minute respawn chest on Ilum. There is nobody around this one on my server, which is nice seeing as all the other 8 min chests I know of are super camped now.

Planet: Ilum
Location: [108,2]
Screen of Map:

Loot so far:
Lv 44 Exceptional Medpac
Whites... :\
Multiple Lv 50 Greens
2 Lv 50 Blues

Its in a nice little colta-sack with one PASSIVE STRONG Lumbering Guid. It sits right in front of 2 frozen ponds.

Screen of chest:

I have looted it maybe 12 times now.
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How to win in Voidstar PVP Easily

As the attacking side, jump up on the ship behind the spawn point, up the wing. Get to the fuselage and jump over to a little knobbly bit (sry, if you try you'll see what I mean) and it lets you walk to the top - at which point you are on the 2nd highest level on the ship. Then you can jump right over the barrier. Requires some luck/skill, maybe those that are better with the jumping bug can get more reliable results than I, but it is repeatable and it does let you place the bomb before the game starts.

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Mobs vision based on Movement

So I had noticed in some area that if I had killed the mobs around a chest, looted the chest, logged out, and logged back in, even if the mobs has re-popped, I could loot the chest without aggro if I did not move.

I then saw this video and thought, it would be cool to be able to get to this chest and be able to farm it without having to kill these mobs constantly. BTW, low 30s chest, nothing impressive, but not a lot of people clamoring after it.

I then took a level 20's republic to this area, got near the chest, and the droids killed me. I then logged out while still "invisible", and when I logged back in, the droids would not aggro (screen shot of where I stood included). I then was free to loot the chest.

This might be a handy tactic for other areas of the game.

TL;DR version

  1. Get to chest you want to loot (even if it has KOS mobs around it)
  2. Get close enough to loot it and Log out (if you die, log out while invisible after rez).
  3. Log back in, do not move, loot.
  4. Profit!

Let me know if you have any questions or need more info.

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Warzone trick that will make you WIN!

To perform this trick to it's fullest potential, you will need 4 group members including yourself. (Note: You can use this trick with 2+ people, but it may not work all the time, having a full 4 person group will provide you with the best results)

So you have your 4 person group, queue up and when you get the queue pop, let 3 of the 4 group members enter the warzone, then the last person will have to reset their UI by pressing CTRL + U twice. After this is done, the last person can enter the battlefield. In turn, the other 3 people who entered before should get a double queue, have them accept the double queue when they get in (DO NOT ACCEPT THE SECOND QUEUE IF ON A SPEEDER...WAIT UNTIL YOU LAND). If done correctly, the other 3 people will get into the same warzone, but will not be a part of the main group. They can just start their own group of 3.

The benefit of this, is that it allows people to backfill the original spots in the warzone causing there to be an imbalance (11 vs 8.) This will cause the warzone to end prematurely, 120 seconds to be exact. Now in that 120 seconds, your team has to be winning in order to take the victory. So, in huttball, you have to score or at least be holding the ball when the timer stops. In Alderaan, you have to have the 2/3 points and/or have the better score. Finally, in Voidstar, i'm not really sure how the game determines who wins because I've had it go both ways on me, but most of the time it is victories.
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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Memes Jan 26 -2012

Sorry I haven't posted for a few days, but I have been busy with school work. Anyways, here are some new memes.

So I heard we've got some Battlemasters around here:

Can't be unseen

this is all I can think of when I PvP.

I play for the story. The girlfriend plays for...

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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Todays SWTOR Memes

Thought it was time for a few new rage comics. The forums are still funny to read as people are going nuts, but 4Chan and /r/gaming is also getting red hot about SWTOR. /r/Swtor seems to be the only sane people left.

Remember also to check out this kick ass video posted over at swtorstrategies. 

Anyways. Enjoy:


Zhorrid logic

How I feel when I read the official forums or YouTube comments about SWTOR.

First steps into PVP

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The wildcard, 300-700k credits /h level 45-50 only


So I was fighting some republic on my 50 sith. I stumble upon an area that has 2 champions, a chest and a slicing node.

Both champions 70% drop rate on orange items, 20% on purple, and 10% on green. Drop 4k credits from killing. The chest gives 3k credits+ item+medpac

and the slicing node is 1-2k + chance for epic schematic/mission

Now I loved make things better.....I turned off my gold farming for a minute and went exploring, literally 30 seconds from this location is another champion with 100% drop rate on oranges, next to a chest and a slicing node...

yes this spot is godlike and theres a reason nobody knows about it, its location is solid.

I have farmed 4mill here in the last few days some of the gear you get is amazing and low levels on my server have bought everything. I get 10-15k per orange, I vendor greens, i sell blues 4k each

So its time to cream your pants!


chest are on a 10 minute, slicing on 20.

Being level 50 allows you to farm this efficiently.

Heres a screenshot of the route you will take, I start with the 2 champs that are fighting each other.

The jedi is called Jedi battlemaster level 39.

If you stack farming this with slicing missions on your companions......the money is unimaginable. Enjoy guys I farmed this hella hard so far, anyways You heard it here first, no other forum has it

Id like to add there is a vanguard set, its amazing looking. Its the rarest of the oranges so far, Sell it big, 40-50k per piece.''

After farming for a certain amount of time, Loot will stop dropping. relog.

Here is my results after 8 hours of farming.( vendoring greens, sold a few oranges on the AH , I started with 0 gold. and I grinded 8 hours straight non stop no life and here is my results.

[Via Owndcore]
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

SWTOR Memes: Return of the Forum whiner!

Due to all the whine at the official forums yesterday today's memes are about making fun of these strange small people raging their hard away.

How BioWare must feel reading the SWTOR forums

Enjoy your ban;

WoW Fan boys:
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


There are so many SWTOR mems floating around on the net already. Some of them funny, and some less funny.  If you not sure about the jokes below you can read more about each meme at Know your meme.

Scumbag Vette

Scumbag SWTOR


So then I was like, force choke, and then he was like, GARGLE GARGLE GARGLE

Scumbag Holocom

Whenever I find a commendation.

So I started a Republic character and . . Flesh Raiders

It's the crazy eyes.

Anyone else's brain make this connection?

Master Silvarte speaks truth.

scumbag sith

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