Thursday, December 27, 2012

RE mods crafted by other players.

I am sure most of you know this but I couldnt see it up so figured I would post it anyway...
(You can find mention of this in several places, including the SWTOR official forums, so I am not the originator of this, I am simply reposting it here because I couldnt find mention of it)

The trick is simple enough. It allows you to RE any item modification crafted by another player to give you a chance to learn the schematic to be able to craft it yourself.

Great way of learning those pesky ops/HM schematic drops such as the 27 modification schematics so you can craft and sell them yourself for a nice profit.

Note: Of course you need the necessary Crafting skill to be able to RE the modification (such as armstech for barrel, cybertech for armoring etc)

The trick explained:
  1.  Get a player crafted mod from GTN/Another player. 
  2.  Place it into an item slot on a piece of armor or similar.
  3.  Go to a mod station and rip it out into your inventory again. This is the "glitch" part that removes he crafted flag from the mod.
  4.  RE the mod and it gives you the chance to learn a schematic from it.
  5.  Craft the item yourself and profit!

Hope you found this useful!
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Legacy and heroic moment abilities without companion

If you use the Darth Malgus Holostatue or the republic version, then you can activate any of the abilities requiring a companion out. You can do this trick with either the imperial or republic holostatue, but obviously as the tooltip says you have to be the same side as the statue to use it as a trainer.

Once your statue is out then you can activate any ability that requires heroic moment. This includes sacrifice/unity, heroic moment, and any class legacy abilities you may have unlocked. The holostatue only has a 1 min CD, so you are more limited by the CD of the ability you choose to activate. I am not sure if using unity shares a cooldown with your class heroic moment and/or a legacy ability, but this allows you to use these abilities during warzones and operations. Note: unity is the ability with a 5 min. cooldown that makes you take 50% less damage for 15 seconds--quite OP for warzones and useful in pve especially for tanks.
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