Tuesday, January 13, 2009

SWG Exploit: Endless Banes Heart Crystal Farming


Here is a way to farm Banes Heart crystals, and all the stuff from N-K "Necrosis" in an large amount in a short time!

With this exploit you can spwan in one N-K run up to 8 N-K "Necrosis" mobs at the same time.

You will need some friends to help you with this. Just go to the Mydrill Caverns on Kashyyyk.

Make your way to the droid that gives the N-K instance quest. Get the quest to find a crystal and go into the cavern. Get a radiated Nak'tra crystal around -479 -230

..everyone must get the crystal. Go back to the droid and gather everyone around it. All group members must do this next step exactly the same time.

You all talk to the droid at the same time to enter N-K Cave. Everyone can talk to the NPC that spawns the droids.

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