Monday, January 5, 2009

SWG Guide: Perfect lvl 50 camando dueling technique (doesnt work on spys)


I recommend using a rifle or carbine because it uses nearly all of your stamina, First you need to have all of your protection Expertise so that you have stand fast and make sure you have the cluster bomb expertise, also make sure you have a decent amount of stamina. this work's against level 40-70 (you shouldt be duel ing anyone below 40 anyway)

OK, this ca easily be out maneuvered by constant moving, so type /follow on the target, my build is set up, Focused Fire 4 (or Sweeping Fire is a alternate) , Fragmentation Grenade 1, Stand fast, Stun Grenade 3, Cluster bomb, Cryoban grenade, heal 2, and first aid training
above 65 i recommend a Stamina power up and some medic buffs

First throw a stun grenade, then throw a fragmentation grenade then use focused fire, as soon as your health drops below 75% use stand fast and heal and every time it drops below 75% use heal, if there moving around throw a cryoban to slow them down as soon as you have a chance use cluster bomb

Right off the bat use stand fast then quickly throw a stun grenade, a then use focused fire, then throw a frag grenade, And use the same techniques as i stated up in 40-60

I hope This Help's you As much as it help's me

Note: this also works for 60-67 non elite Jedi on dantooine

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