Monday, June 29, 2009

SWG Pet grind 1-90 in 12hours, Easy and simple

Before you do anything, you need to go buy a crate or 2 of pet stims, this will make the exp gain increase by a LOT. After that...

1) Respec to ent or crafter and grind to lvl 10

2) Put your 5 expertise points into the BM tree

3) Grind your pet to lvl 10 using spawns outside Eisley or Bestine

4) Go to the spawn at /waypoint 3723 -5196 on Tatooine, and find a spot you think your pet can live (if you made a DPS pet you need a small corner of spawns, if you made a armor or deffensive pet it should be able to take more spawns.) If you have a nice medic friend who is going to be AFK for a while, ask them to heal your pet while you run this grind as well, makes it a whole lot easier. You will also need the following macro:

- call it grind
/ui action petToolbarSlot0
/pause 6;
/ui action CycleTargetOutward;
/pause 1;
/macro grind

5) When your pet reaches 45,000% exp, respec back to your combat profession, then head to a spawn that has lvl 80 NPCs and kill them with your pet. For each NPC you kill that your pet attacks, your pet will get a level due to stacking the exp to 45,000%

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Friday, June 26, 2009

SWG Exploits - Meatlump Kiss Buff Exploit

If you die in a battlefield (or possibly anywhere in PvP), your buff timers get altered. The Meatlump Kiss buff seems to be bugged and have a timer of over 90,000 hours after you clone in a BF.

Just happened to me, the buff does indeed stick in your stats. Not sure if it's repeatable, give it a try!

NOTE: This lasts through logging out! I went offline for a few hours, came back and still over 90,000 hours on the +100 luck buff. Best to stay away from the public or to be a spy, as this buff is blatantly a bug!

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Monday, June 22, 2009

SWG Tip- Really fast leveling (80+kxp an hour at 15!)

On the legacy chain you get a quest at watto, "pod retrieval", where you must go talk to an'kwee or whatever, than do the 3 races, the exploit lets you do this again and again without racing.

  • 1. Complete pod retreival and the 3 races mission
    when you return to watto, dont accept "repo man"

  • 2. actually get the XP for pod retrieval than Talk to watto again, about your data pad losing the information

  • 3. return to an'kwee, this time the pod racing part will instantly finish and you can go grab the part

the quest is 4,200 credits and 6,800 XP and with the Royal ship ITV and AT-RT i can shell out 1 quest every 4-5 minutes

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

SWG Macro: Pet grind to 50 in 48 hrs

So you just got a pet. You want this pet to reach your level or higher? Well don't worry because I'm here to tell you my little way of Grinding and All of my good spots.

Okay so you just got a pet from a Brazzar or Incubator.

Step 1: Supplies
- Get your grinding Supplies.
- You will need to spend quiet alot of money depending on the Server you are on.
- Items:
* Beast Dietary Supplements ( A-N )
* Beast Favorite Food
* Go around learning all the skills your beast is able to learn.

Step 2: Macros
- petattackmacro
/ui action cycleTargetOutward; - Selects a Target
/pause 2;
/ui action petToolbarSlot0; - Pet Attack
/pause 1;
/ui action petToolbarSlot4; - Skill 1
/pause 1;
/ui action petToolbarSlot3; - Skill 2
/pause 1;
/ui action petToolbarSlot5; - Skill 3
/pause 2;
/ui action petToolbarSlot4; - Skill 1
/pause 1;
/ui action petToolbarSlot6; - Skill 4
/pause 14; <--- (thats how long for your pet to take a break from fighting)
/macro petattack;

- Heal Macro
/ui action toolbarSlot03; <-(thats if u have mark of the beast)
/pause 10;
/macro heal;
* If your Profession is a Medic. Then I suggest Making a Macro to Rebuff your Pet.
(This Will Speed up the Process)

- AFK Macro
/macro AFK; - It does not need adjustments.

Step 3: Leveling Spots
- I got most of my spots off of

@ But I will give you the Biggest Tip Ever!@
#Have you pet kill Creatures 4-5 levels lower than Its own Combat Level. This Way your pet can Keep killing them til there is an 11 Level gap Between them - Then switch Opponents.

$Money Makin Tip$
- Have Autoloot-ON
- If you want to type into the chat box
* /follow (name of Pet) Dewback,Charlie,Dora... ETC.

That Is all I have for today I will be posting more Fun filled Macro and Beast Training Tips.

- All Credit goes to SWGpets for their Spots And The rest of the Credit goes to Kilomarrow (IGN: Minorr Threattt[Alisan] on the server Sunrunner)

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

SWG Meatlump grind

You can normally repeat the "Bugging the meat lumps" quest daily or every 24 hours after it resets... but you don't have to wait that long!!

This can get a bit pricey, but here's how it's done:

QUEST: Bugging the Meatlumps
Quest NPC: a meatlump (-563 -4333)
Location: Meatlump hideout

1. I noticed that after resetting my expertise, it also reset the timer on this quest and the "Wine-O" quest. Both are quest in the Meatlump Bunker (MLB).

2. It looks like the "Bugging the meat lumps" quest will always give you 20% of the xp you need for the current level. You only have to place 5 bugs throughout the bunker, so it's pretty easy.

3. Return to the respec counselor and reset. It should take about 5 minutes to do everything.

4. Rinse and repeat.

***I found that this was awesome for skipping the 88-90 quest grind. If you haven't ever reset your expertise, this can save a lot of time and shouldn't cost so much!

Another nice Meatlump repeatable
Here's another meatlump repeatable.

QUEST: 12 Angry Meatlumps
Level of Mission/Quest: 65
Quest NPC: Balia Alloo (a Meatlump) (-573 -4331) Meatlump Hideout

All you have to do is use some emotes on Angry Meatlumps inside the The Meatlump Hideout, you can identify which Meatlumps are An angry Meatlump, by there crossed arms & slumped shoulders, and the 'An angry Meatlump" icon under their names.

Any Meatlump npc inside the The Meatlump Hideout can be a An angry Meatlump.

Once you find An angry Meatlump, target them, make sure they have the An angry Meatlump icon. And use one of the emotes listed in the quest, or listed below.

Here's a macro for it, you can cut & paste this into the game, if you know how, or simply copy it.


Some of those meatlumps will tell you to go away even though they are angry. Use the same macro in reverse and you should be able to bypass the emotes that turn them off and them to tell you to go away. If you use the reverse macro, it will catch them on the emote they are waiting for and you'll get credit.


After you have gotten all 12, return to Balia Alloo (a Meatlump) to complete this quest.

0 credits
38,830 quest xp
You will receive ALL of these items:
5 Meatlump Lumps

This quest is repeatable every 24 hours and after every expertise reset.

You can use this in combination with my other meatlump repeatable to level much more quickly!

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

SWG Trick: Easy Afk Leveling- About A Week

First travel to Kashyyyk and go to the webweaver path on ryatt trail (MAKE SURE YOU ARE A CL 26 SMUGGLER), you may need a friend to help you down there or either a ent buff with kinetic armor / movement speed. Once you are on the webweaver path, go to waypoint -326 -49, then make sure your skills can be fired from toolbar in options.

1) Put the smuggler area attack on the first slot of your toolbar, then make this macro

Call it area
/ui action toolbarSlot00;
/pause 1;
/m area;

2) Put a droid on the 2nd slot of your toolbar and make this macro (make sure the droid is cl 30 since your such a low level right now)

Call it droid
/say attack;
/pause .8;
/say follow;
/pause .8;
/m droid

3) Make a 3rd macro to call and store the droid, this is to prevent the battery from dieing so fast and to recall the droid since its going to die a LOT, the blink is to prevent AFK crashes due to inactivity

Call it call

/ui action toolbarSlot01;
/pause 30;
/m call;

4) Make a loot macro for credits / junk loot / collections and to make the wookies respawn faster:

Call it loot
/loot corpse;
/m loot;

5) Make a macro that will cycle the targets for your droid to attack make sure your FIELD OF VIEW is maxed so you will be able to see all of the wookies:

Call the macro cycle
/ui action cycleTargetOutward;
/pause 2;
/m cycle;

6) Once you have reached CL 38, go and respec medic, in your expertise you will need to get the following: 2nd page - affliction intensity and affliction duration, they are in the bottom right hand corner, 3rd box up - after you have those 2 boxes, you will need to get evasion in the first page (you wont have enough points to get it right off, you'll have to level up a few times first.) Then go back to your tree and put the Nerve Gas where your smuggler area attack was.

7) Once you have enough points to get evasion, put it on slot 3 of your toolbar and make this macro:

Call it eva
/ui action toolbarSlot02;
/pause 1500;
/m eva;

The purpose of evasion here is to loose agro of wookies that are bugged and unattackable, hence why the pause is so long, so you will not loose agro very often on NPCs that currently have your dots.

- Before turning on your macros, try to shoot one of the wookies, if it says "Can't see target" then you are in the tree properly.
- If you are looking to only make money, delete all collection items and save only junk, clothing, armor, and weapons to sell to a junk dealer, I make about 3mil a night with this macro.
- Make sure you are looking straight at the wookies and not anywhere else when you start your macros up.
- If a wookiee is bugged that you DON"T have agro on, your going to have to change instances.
- Get a long exp buff before heading out
- Talk to the Guide up top and get his quest so you can warp back down to the web weaver path after you have been there once.
- Buy a crate of droid batterys before you start
- The smuggler area is very weak, so it takes a while for that one, but when you hit CL 38 and respec medic, exp just flys in

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

SWG mod: mods to change ur appearence

This site has some great mods to change ur character's visual appearence:

This site has many CLIENT side mods. (meaning that the mod is only visible on your own computer, and only to those others who have the same mod installed)

For instance, I tried a mod that made all the Light Jedi Robes look like Mace Windu's Robe colors. Not only did it make my character look different, but anyone else who was wearing that particular same piced of clothing (or robe) as I was.

You can use several different mods from this site at one time.
I had mine so I was wearing a Windu style robe, Boots with buckles on them, and all the people wearing dark robes were wearing black instead. Then I modded the look of NPC's and all the stormtroopers looked like they had scuffs and battle damage on their armor.

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

swg macro- JunkFarm Script

JunkFarm Script
Before you begin open up an examine window and drag it out of the way

    Global $Paused
    HotKeySet("{PAUSE}", "TogglePause")
    HotKeySet("{ESC}", "Terminate")
    Opt("MouseClickDragDelay", 100)

    Sleep("1000"); Pause to switch to SWG - Windowed Mode
    $i = 0; Infinite loop

    SplashTextOn("Setup", "Leftclick on the Main Spot (where non-junk item will be)", 400, 100, -1, -1, 1, "Ariel", 14); Turn on splash dialog
    While 1; Infinite loop for mouseclick
    If _IsPressed("01") Then; If Mouse1 (Left Mouse) is clicked
    $pos = MouseGetPos(); Store mouse position
    ExitLoop; Exit the loop, got mouse click & position
    WEnd; End infinite loop
    SplashOff(); Turn off splash dialog

    $varX = $pos[0]; MouseX -> varX
    $varY = $pos[1]; MouseY -> varY

    $x = 2
    if($x<>3) Then
    MouseClick("right", $varX, $varY, 1); Right click item
    Sleep("300"); Pause for context menu to load
    Send("{3}"); Choose stack on junk items
    MouseClick("right", $varX, $varY, 1); Right click item, for non-junk items
    Sleep("500"); Pause, to enforce stacking, just in case
    Send("{" & $x & "}"); Loops trough all context 2 trough 5
    Sleep("100"); Pause before loop restarts
    $x = $x + 1
    Until $x = 1 + 5
    Until $i = 1

    ;Pause Script
    Func TogglePause()
    $Paused = Not $Paused
    While $Paused
    ToolTip('Script Paused', 0, 0)
    EndFunc ;==>TogglePause

    ;Terminate Script
    Func Terminate()
    Exit 0
    EndFunc ;==>Terminate

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