Tuesday, June 9, 2009

SWG mod: mods to change ur appearence


This site has some great mods to change ur character's visual appearence:http://mods.mandalorians.de/system/forum/index.php

This site has many CLIENT side mods. (meaning that the mod is only visible on your own computer, and only to those others who have the same mod installed)

For instance, I tried a mod that made all the Light Jedi Robes look like Mace Windu's Robe colors. Not only did it make my character look different, but anyone else who was wearing that particular same piced of clothing (or robe) as I was.

You can use several different mods from this site at one time.
I had mine so I was wearing a Windu style robe, Boots with buckles on them, and all the people wearing dark robes were wearing black instead. Then I modded the look of NPC's and all the stormtroopers looked like they had scuffs and battle damage on their armor.

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