Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Luckys Spacebot

Here is a Spacebot that is written in Autoit for free usage.  It uses Pixelsearch and Imagesearch and supports the English and German client. It is still under development for more features to come.

Included Missions Empire:

- Jaabim (Start)
- Sarapin (Level 20)
- Taspan (Level 28)
- Skaross (Level 34)
- Aeten (Level 44)

Included Missions Republic:

- Fondor (Start)
- Makem Te (Level 20)
- Syvris (Level 28)
- Pakuuni (Level 34)
- Drexel (Level 40)
- Kalee (Level 44)

1. Set the resolution to 1024x768 windowed mode, quality: low (dont move the window)
2. Stand in front of the chair in your Spaceship and position the camera behind the chair.
3. Start the bot , click onto the mission you wish to start and then onto the game window.
4. Press F2 to stop the bot.

- Jedi Knight, Jedi consular and Smuggler should work best.
- The equipment of the ship should always be on the current level.
- Special equipment (shield boost, EMP, etc.) should not be forgotten.
- You will need epic equipment from the tradecenter (up to at least lvl 46) to make level 44 missions work.
- Left Quickslot should be disabled and the right one enabled for crew skills to work properly.
- If the bot misses the right clickpoint on the starmap move the game window a bit or use windows aero theme.

Have Fun!

Alternative Download Links:

Download: Luckys_Spacebot_v3.1.rar |

Luckys_Spacebot_v3.1.rar -

Update V3.1:

- Removed Taspan and added Ezran instead
(Grade 3 shield generator is required for Ezran)
- Added Sullust Interception

Update V3:

- Added barrel rolls
- Added a crew skill bot that will send out crew members before a space mission.
The following ingame configuration is required:
Left Quickslot: Disabled
Right Quickslot: Enabled

Update V2.02:

- Pakuuni accept fixed (eng)
- Drexel fixed (eng)

Update V2.01:

- Quickfix Loop

Update V2:

- Added Graphical User Interface
- Added reconnect feature
- Added donation button


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