Thursday, March 8, 2012

+10 stats Datacron easy fro lvl 50's : SWTOR Exploits

I was running around in the empire museum while i was changing some values with cheatengine, i found that you could change your x coordinate,.. which actually means you can teleport yourself forward.

Knowing this you can actually teleport urself thru the "window" to get to the datacron. Its a shame you need to be level 50 to use the door to get the +10 stats but yeah if you ARE lvl 50 is pretty nice and fast ofcourse no lamebags to worry about.


  • Search you X coordinate in cheat engine , its a float and it's X/10
  • Go stand in front of this "window" or force field or whatever
  • Change the value slighly just enough so you end up on the other side of it..
  • Et voila, +10 stats in less then 5 minutes of time

I was thinking it might be possible to use this datacron at a lower level if you could manipulate and let the game think Your 50 when ur really lvl 20 so just to get the cutscene i guess,.. any suggestions?


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