Thursday, April 9, 2015

Republic Commando may be over but it is not forgotten


I have to say, Star Wars Republic Commando is my all time favorite Star Wars game and perhaps my favorite video game overall.

As a game, mechanics wise, it was well ahead of its time. Years before left 4 dead, gears of war and other shooters this game was well ahead of its time. 

To this day the game remains the best squad shooter I have ever played. The command mechanics truly put you in charge of the situation and let you really take command of the AI. The AI is very unique too, it finds a perfect balance in both enemy and friendly AI. 

The battles were tough and you honestly couldn't go lone wolf. Some droids took the entire squad to take down and required team work. The friendly AI was perfect. It was strong enough to win battles without you but weak enough that it would struggle and possibly fail without your commands.

Now story wise, I still hold the game in high esteem. Each and every member of the squad was likable and relatable. Their dialogue was fresh and witty and they stood apart from many of the bland squad members from many FPS games. Each level was unique, interesting and carried its own sense of identity.

The enemies were challenging and innovative. Who can forget fighting the genosians or the trandoshans?

I loved and still do love this game to this very day (wish I could get it on steam). It is seriously the most under hyped game in Star Wars and if any game deserves a sequel, this is it.

This game was a true experience.


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