Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Some thoughts on the Rogue One trailer - timing, network, style, etc...


I have seen a lot of speculation on the Rogue One trailers, release information etc. on these forums. I wanted to remind everyone about the business side of Star Wars so we have some perspective.

  • First off, I don't believe we will see a trailer until TFA is out of the theaters. I believe they don't want to overlap the properties that way....in fact, they may wait until after the DVD is released so all the o2 from Ep7 is clear.
  • Second, any TV trailer is going to be on ABC, ESPN, and DISNEY - where the add is "free." Not CBS, TNT, or NBC - where they would pay and THAT network could hype the trailer and sell ads around it like ESPN did last fall. If there is a sports tie-in, it would have to be the NBA playoffs (ESPN / ABC) - although a lot of video games drop during that 4-5 weeks, so it would be strange to see a Call of Duty ad next to Star Wars.
  • Finally, I suspect that they will make this thing very distinct from EP7 - I believe they want to make sure the "casual" Star Wars fan "gets it" that this is NOT the next movie in the main series. There are many causal fans who will hear "star wars" and will just assume its Ep8 ...they will wonder things like "why is Darth Vader" in the trailer. Its going to be an education effort by Disney and by other fans - maybe the trailer will reference the time period first, so people understand (not everyone reads this subreddit)

TL;DL (I believe any TV coverage will be on a DISNEY owned channel - like they did with the Ep7 trailer on ESPN)


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